Monday, August 1, 2016

The Modern Robin Reveal

We each put in a center square that started the whole thing off.

Then the box was passed to someone who put a round on

Then another who put another round on.

And another who added another round.

Then it went to someone who quilted it, embellished it and bound it.

These are the amazing results.

I am in a number of them since we worked on four and owned one to make 5.  The person holding it, is the owner and started the original block. 

 I did the most outside grey and green round.

I did the castle looking round on this one.  Love the way it turned out.  It was difficult to thing of what to do with it!

Stephanie's stayed small, and the back was a print of Paris 

This one had its origina block chopped up as well.  Miss Thelma didn't even recognize her piece!

this one was musical! 

I started the piece by cutting up her block and separating the quarters to their own spaces.

This was the one I finished, I made it into a pillow.  I think Joni was happy?

This was mine.  I also sent an exact copy to the Cotton Robin and came up with the one directly below this from that worldly round.

So Different.  But both amazingly wonderful!


  1. Very cool 👏👏👏👏 and fun 👯

  2. Such interesting pieces! Isn't it amazing how different your two ended up although they began the same? I really like the look of the ribbons in the one on the left.


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