Saturday, February 10, 2018

Rainy Day Sewing

The  Block Lotto is back in full swing.  If you played with them before you might want to head over and see what is happening now.  There are guest Lotto Masters who guide the months rather than Sophie doing all the work.  New and fresh. 

So this month is using up some orphan blocks and scraps.  I was going to do more, but I ended up with 5 blocks.  The orphans need to be 3 1/2 unfinished and my orphans are all larger blocks.  So I used up these 5 for the pot.

Not particularly  my cup of tea but I will offer them up as donation blocks for the kitty.

I spent the afternoon clearing up some of the clutter I created on my sewing table.  Boy, is it a mess!

One of the things was the back that needed to be sewn for the Daily Bird. Basically what I do is just hang up the quilt top and cover it with the backing material.

Then I fill in the gaps! 

I generally add a white or ecru square for the label information.  I like that better than sewing on labels at the end.    See the birds through the label? 

You can see my One Road Through Town piece that will be in at least one show this spring.  Maybe two.  I will have to see what it gets juried into. 

I got another tree block done tonight.  Nothing on TV,  so I just sewed.  The block is next to Red.

I will even them out when they are all done.  

Here is the whole layout so far.  The long piece on the right will be the border.  I will start laying out the words soon. will be pleased to know.  I think I have my next quilt chosen.  My friend Bertha in California sent me the templates for the one she did.  I will have to ask her if I can post it.  It is amazing.  More on that later though.

I had the book it came from, but of course it flooded. 

And I need to quilt a few things before I get too far ahead on the tops........not that
I am not far enough behind in everything, but you know what I mean........

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  1. That is cute fabric for the back of the bird quilt. My studio was one big mess too! I got some of it cleaned up, but I have more to do. How does it get so bad? LOL!!!


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