Sunday, April 1, 2018

Sawyer Finds the Stairs for Easter!

I brought yellow tulips and Crawfish Etouffee to Carrie's and ate with Michael and Jamie and her kids and Ashley and Eric and their boys and a million eggs hidden everywhere.  When we left we were dyeing eggs and eating chocolate trifle.

We turned around and all  of a sudden there was Sawyer half way up the stairs!  Huh?  He just fearlessly followed the bigger kids right up there!

Once home I had plans to work in the the quilt room since Carrie asked me to work on a quilt for a friend of hers having a baby.  It is all cut out, big rectangle blocks just needing to be put together and quilted.  But the day was beautiful and the blower was just waiting to be used on the leaves that have been sitting there for months.

So I spent the afternoon and blew the leaves off the patio and out to where Frank can pick the up with the lawn mower next time he mows.

A lot of times I will find baby snakes waking up in the leaves.  Luckily there were none.  I was wearing sandals!  I kept thinking of my toes........

Oh, I wanted to tell you about the Performance Challenge Results.

I actually did quite well.  I didn't win,  but I didn't lose.  In one month I lost 2.89% of my body fat.  I was pretty impressed with myself.  I could actually see some muscle definition forming in my arms and legs and on my torso.

Like and idiot, I signed up for another month and will immediately miss the entire first week.  I am watching Sawyer while he is on Spring Break......aughhh!

I  have to find some way to get to the class meeting because there is no way I can miss a whole week and not kill myself getting back into the next week.  it is pretty intense.

I am sure I will quilt and post sporadically in the next three days with Sawyer.


  1. What a happy Easter you all had.

  2. The sunshine looks fabulous! It was cold and overcast for Easter here. The air is cold and it has been windy too. I need to get outside and clean up the yard. I hope you can find someone who can watch Sawyer for a few hours so you can get your workouts in. Congratulation for your success in reducing the body fat that you did!

  3. The cutie is worth missing a whole week of swimming, but maybe something will happen that will make it all worthwhile. Congrats on the last time and remember being healthy is the goal.


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