Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Snap Stitch Sew Share #23

Baby Greens with a Blue Robin's  Egg

I am going to have to learn to do what they do here like this.

Confidence.  All those colors.  Those great, wonderful colors befuddle me, but I love them.  One day, one day. 

I am going to share what I am working on .... but really don't need to be working on .... because I really don't have time to be working on it.

Carrie asked me to find some piece of fabric she had cut out a couple years ago.  She has a friend having a baby boy and needs a quilt.  I pulled the pieces and slapped them on the design wall

We found some nice blue and slapped that up on the wall as an add in and in the next few days I will head over to her house to show her how to use it on the sewing machine I gave her for Christmas this year.

She has a great eye for color and pattern.  And well she should, she is a interior designer/architect.

She  really hates to piece, but I wanted her to use the sewing machine at least enough to understand how  to use is.  I will finished it at home.

And I can put it on the longarm and quilt it using the channel locks and long swipes of  straight line stitching.

Yes.  A quick quilt........ maybe.

But you know.....whenever I say that, something always goes drastically wrong, right?


  1. Quick simple quilts are often the best, hope nothing too major went wrong .....
    Thanks for linking to sew stitch snap share.

  2. She really does have an artists Eye. Those colors and patterns go together so well! And to put the baby blue in there just tops it off. She's a chip off the ol' fabric block

  3. That blue really brings it all together. My daughter was watching me try to put a red border on a quilt one day and finally was brave enough to tell me I was all wrong. She grabbed a blue solid and put it over the red. It was wonderful. I'm glad she added her 2 cents.


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