Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Squirrel As Alarm Clock

So I looked a my schedule last night, as I always do, and found one of those rare days where I just had a few small, non-essential errands to run.  Nothing important.  I could sleep as long as I wanted to!  Ah, the life of luxury, quilting and sleeping late.

At about 7 AM, I hear the Boyz outside.  Not a bark, but definitely a strange sound.  Different.  I  note it in my mind, hmm, that was an odd sound. 

I drift back into sleep, having decided not to ruin my Sleepy Haze by getting up and going to the bathroom.  I hear the back door open and close and Frank runs into my room, blood dripping down his leg.  He was holding his wrist and in a strained voice he say, come and see if McGee is all right. 

McGee was fine, Frank was not.People are going to start thinking we are having MMR fights behind our closed doors every week!  Geez.  I was hoping that he was not going to need a visit to Dr. Day or Dr Gorgeous.

What happened?

From nwaonline
There was a baby squirrel inside the yard.  DiNozzo  scoops it up in his mouth.  It is just a-screaming, screaming, screaming.  Which brings McGee to investigate.  He wants to see the squirrel too.  DiNozzo  is not of the mind to give it up to an unworthy dog.

 Frank literally dives in on top of them.  Finely tuned athlete, remember?  And he hits his knee on the stones, his wrist on a cement block.  He wrestles among the dogs and wins the squirrel.  Which was too stunned to bite him, thankfully.

He tosses the squirrel over the fence.  And the dogs get into a teeth slashing, snarling loud, epithet tossing, ethnicity questioning stream of curses.  So he jumps in to separate the vicious dog fight.

His hand was scraped on the metal fence, and he knocks over the cat statute that sits on one of the  little graves they are desiccating.  Although if it was Chips, he was probably channeling a lot of anger and biting. 

the minute the dogs were inside, they were standing like long time buddies, trying to figure out how they were going to get outside.  Frank told them they were in time out, relegated to inside for  the next few hours until the momma squirrel finds her baby again.  

I checked out both dogs, then Frank.  Not a mark on the dogs.  Not a single mark.  Frank was beaten up, covered in mud.  Several body parts were dripping blood and he has a brush burn on his knee, now sporting a large gauze pad and tape.  Like a symbol of meritorious service.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

An Afternoon at the Theater and a Stash Report


We scored some tickets to one of my most favorite bouts of madness, I mean, theater shows......Spam-A-Lot.

It is a take off of Camelot and crossed with the Monty Python's Holy Grail and has Frank's all time favorite song......Always Look On the Bright Side of Life. Ugh!  Now he will be singing it for a week!

And they nailed it!  Hilariously funny, I didn't even mind the singing!

#%&(***   I just missed the last few tickets of Rocky Horror Picture Show.  We go every year, but for some reason they sold out before I could get the tickets.  I know they always sell out,  I guess I didn't think about it early enough with my mother and all everything going on. 

Sigh.......How will I deal?

Stash Report:
Used this week 0 Used this month 0 Used this year -151
Bought this week 0 Bought this month 0 Bought this year 85.25
Plus or minus 0 Plus or minus 0 Plus or minus -65.75

I made 4 more backings but didn't finish any of the previous 5 to completion. I told Sweet Peg of OPAM fame that I would be burning up the finishes in October!  I am going to try to trim up my Twisted Halloween this week and see how the arm does.

I will see if I can find the number of finishes for the OPAM group so far this year.  Peg or Kris usually publishes it somewhere.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Zig Zags, Pat and Neo-Impressionists

I just finished listening to the book by Alice Hoffman about the famous neo-impressionist painter Camille Pissaro born in St. Thomas Virgin Islands called The Marriage of Opposites.  It really is about his mother rather than him, but I love those historical fiction books.  I  liked her writing enough to get another of her CD books called The Red Garden.  Love that one too.  Not sure why she called it The Red Garden as it really does not figure prominently in the book.  I looked for The Art Forger by BA Shapiro but our library doesn't have it.  

Last night at the river city guild meeting Pat Van Berkleo presented his trunk show of modern quilts.  He does the most amazing work. Self-taught, he designs, makes mad quilts his own quilts. He also designs his own fabric on Spoonflower!   A true Renaissance man. He works on an old Bernina that his mother used when she taught home economics back in Texas when he was a child. I will post the link to the quilt show when the pictures from River city  are posted.

 He has a collection of over 50 quilts and he's only been quilting for three years now.  He says he hates to give up any of his quilts and yet they don't use them at their house.  I can empathize.  I hate to give up any of my quilts.......BUT........I use them all the time!

See these beautiful yellow flowers? They're all over the place and they really are pretty.   They are tall tall and sitting around the fence posts they are very picturesque. But there's lots of pollen involved in them and my head has been stopped up; my ears are ringing louder than they normally do.

 Zigzags!!! I finished up three more zigzags this afternoon. I got the blocks squared up at about 16 inches. Got them sewn together and it now is a top as well.  Turns out to be about 62 x 62 inches, and you know, I hate square quilts!  But that is the size it will be.

So tomorrow I will begin once again to work on the old house quilt I have on the frame. And then I'll add a couple more quilts and get those finished too.

The cute guy who came to check out my Air Conditioning System for the fall was totally in love with my quilts.   He was so sweet.  He worked with the Intelligence Dept for the Army when he was in the service, so he may have been spying on me.  I have to admit, he could have gotten a lot of information out of me by being interested in my quilts!  I would have ratted out my best friend!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Zig Zags - From Cultural Fusion

I made a few more zig zags today.  I still have trouble rotary cutting but with a very sharp blade that slices through like butter, I can get a straight edge. It doesn't stay sharp very long!  LOL

These blocks are 16 inches square so this will be the quilt after the next two blocks are made.  Lara B of Buzzin Bumble Quilty Pleasures told me about a new project called Ad Hoc Improv Group.  Check it out and see if you might want to join in.

I have to rest a bit, as the ligament that was torn is one of the ones that grab the handle of the rotary cutter.  But I am getting there.  The ligament works the little finger and the ring finger and there is a lot of weakness still in those two.

I also made another backing.  For the Fireworks quilt.  So that one will go into the line waiting for the long arm to be free!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Quilting on the House Quilt

Today I put together two more backs and put one of them on the frame.

I am digging deep into my UFO Quilt Top Box.

This one was from maybe 2006 or 2007.  I think it is Alex Anderson's pattern.  I tried googling her stuff, but I guess it is too old.

I never knew how to quilt it and just didn't feel comfortable with a simple meander on my Husqvarna machine.   It is fairly large and square.  I made the backing with some pink fabrics that were a dusky shade.  Most likely some of my mother's old stash.  It will make a nice girly quilt!1

I am going to do some fancy quilting on the house, like clapboard siding and bricks on the chimney.  And I think I need some flowers in the window boxes. 

And some significant number of thread color changes.

This will be FANCY for me!  LOL

Random Sewing

When I think of yesterday, I am not sure what I got accomplished.  Frank didn't go anywhere so it seemed like a weekend.  I guess.  He's always on the road somewhere with customers, but every once in a while he needs to do a bunch of paperwork.  And doesn't have an office as we know it.  So he works at home.  He spends every night in front of the TV at night working on his paperwork. 

I spent most of the afternoon working on a set of quilt pieces, blocks just isn't quite the word for it, putting them together.  It originally was a set of 4 large strip set blocks and a black sashing and border.

I hated it.  So after a while I cut it up and began to sew them together.  It was about the time that the early beginnings of the Modern Movement was throwing pieces together in tentative randomness.

I now have a top.  Nothing earth shattering, just Tentative Randomness.

It needs to be squared up and a border added.  I tested a pink yesterday, but it was not the right color.  Maybe a blue or green.

Or Purple.  Purple just seems to go with everything.

I also dug through and found the Transportation Quilt.  I saw this at the Pontchatoula Quilt Show a number of years ago.  For some reason I decided that it should be a QAYG.  I had never done one before and without a lot of understanding, I set out to free motion me some blocks!

They worked out, for the most part, but there were a couple of places where I worked too close to the edge of the block.  I got discouraged and set it aside.  It is not great, but it will be completed and maybe find a home somewhere.

Really the only thing it needs is to have the seams on the back sewn together.  I can do that.  And a binding, but I need to wait on that for a bit.  So it will go in the quilted pile that needs to be squared and bound.

Yep, random sewing!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Stash Report and Vintage Linen Report

Tablecloths first.  A lot of the stains came out but some I suspect are rust stains did not.  I suspect they were laundered at some point and heat set.  By a lot, I am thinking maybe 50%.  they are now hanging on my makeshift line on the carport.  And it is raining!  But I figure while it may not dry  quickly, the rainwater shouldn't hurt them.  And if the sun should come out, it may bleach out more of the stains.

Stash report.

While I have used a lot of yardage on the backings of quilts, I also made some purchases this week.  I ordered fabric for my niece's Graduation Quilt.  She will be graduating from Loyola University in the Spring with a degree in International Journalism.  So, with the help of several of you, I found WORDS!

And I found some foxes on sale for the backing of the eventual fox quilt.

So check out the numbers this week.  I wonder if I can hit 100 in the red this year? 

I was also thinking that I needed to save some of these for the next year's work!

Used this week -17 Used this month -17 Used this year -151
Bought this week 9.5 Bought this month 9.5 Bought this year 85.25
Plus or minus -7.5 Plus or minus -7.5 Plus or minus -65.75