Friday, April 20, 2018

Not Your Momma's Asterisk

Ok, so I didn't exactly use the numbers like I said.  I went another way.  More work, more stuff.  More more.  Not sure what the center will be just yet.   Maybe more white.  Maybe the circles or dots.  I will test and see.

And here is something on the weird side.  We had lunch at Chicken Salad Chick.  They have chicken salad 14 ways.  And only chicken salad.  And it's not bad actually.  I don't know if they are a chain or just a local store. 

 But they are pretty good and not any fried food and french fries.

Frank was home Wednesday so I suggested he go in the pool with Sawyer for his Swim Class.  Sawyer was not happy about that change out however.  You would have thought we had switched him out with some random stranger who was trying shatter his universe! He kept looking at and me and back at Frank and saying MAMA emphatically and pointing to me.  He screamed and cried the whole class.   And I couldn't pretend he was someone else's spoiled kid, he was all mine! 

He was curl his body up when he was supposed to be floating and he would push the ducks away when Miss Erin would push them to him to distract his tears.
I didn't bring my bathing suit because I didn't think it would be such an important thing, you know.  So he was kinda stuck with Papa for the class.  And he let the whole facility know he was not happy about that one bit!

I had no idea I was so pivotal to world peace!

 So we took him home, fed him some sticks and he was fine.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

sew stitch snap SHARE #24

I am really having fun with the gang over at sew stitch snap SHARE this year.  (you can have fun too, just join in like you own the place).  Just click and it will take you there.

I really admire how Linda puts together those fabrics.  I haven't gotten that courageous yet, Modern is as far as I am willing to stretch.   But maybe one Sew Stitch Snap Share Week I will shock the pants off Miss Linda and have some wild and crazy mixed up fabrics all tossed into one quilt and see what comes out on the other side.  I am excited to try my hand at it actually.   Maybe this summer when I get some of these projects out of the way.

Here is what I am working on right now.

I have a Fiber Group meeting on Wednesday morning.  We are doing those Inspiration Letters.  I have the letters H and E and put together the Tenement and Factory.

I was looking for something to use as the background and found this piece that I think will be good for the outside.  If it needs an outside?  I am actually not sure it does.

 I will sleep on it and if it still needs one tomorrow I will add one.

Gale Garber came to our guild meeting this week and did a presentation tonight.  It was interesting.  She had a trunk show and of course her stuff is really nice  Flying geese galore. 

I bought some poly clothes line because I couldn't find cotton. 

I was all hot to see how it would work. 

I had done a couple baskets with the cotton and liked it but had not worked with poly before. 

It was a bit stiffer as a finished product, but I liked it as well as the cotton. 

 I need to order some cotton line online I think so I can compare the two since I can't seem to find it around here anymore.

   I found some purple poly so I might try adding some interesting stripes to another basket.

 If I  can overcome the boredom of going round and round and round and round I can make a tote  bag and some handles..........

I Love Me A Light Box

Working on the black one.

Love me a light box.  This is the one I had to replace from the one that lived under the water line.  McGee (seen here in the photo minding his own beeswax) didn't seem care whether the other light box lived in a box or not.  He REALLY had strong feelings about this one, so it cannot live in its box.

I have a suggestion for camera manufacturers.  Make a camera that is bright orange and says, I am over here! in a loud voice and I will buy it.  Or I am going to need to hire a personal assistant to keep track of all my stuff.

Andrew was sick yesterday so I picked up the baby in the afternoon and kept him fed and watered until his momma got off work

For Christmas we bought him a bunch of toys and stuff to keep at our house when he comes here. 

But the best toys are sometimes the simplest ones.

That quilt he is on is the only quilt my mother ever made in her entire life.  And she made it for a baby that Carrie might have even after she got married.   

So it is a special piece.  And it stays at my house too. 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Numbers Have it!

Yes! Numbers fabric win!

I have several things I need to work on this week, the Asterisk quilt being one of them.  I need to get it to the top stage at least.  I am hoping it can get further than that, but it may not make it by the River City meeting.

And I need to at least start on that Challenge quilt.  You won't believe what I pulled in the bag.  Me! The most modern person in the room.  I get the least modern fabric in the room.  I am going to need help that one for sure!

In preparation for retirement, Frank has been making some bold strides.  He bought a computer and I made him get the Geek Squad support package on it since I refuse to get frustrated with him trying to help him understand what he doesn't know and I don't know.  Now he can just call the Geek Squad 24/7 and he can be polite and they can be polite and they can have a sweet fest all night now with each other whilst they figure out his computer!

The other thing is to get Netflix.  And to practice, we are binge watching our first program.  OJ Simpson Trial.

 It took us a while to figure out how to get the controls to work. And we still have our moments.

The weather across the nation was bad for most of the weekend.  Ours was Saturday.  We had a tornado nearby between Carrie's house and ours.  No one was hurt.

This is where the flood waters came  up from.  You can see it is clear and nearly dry, so we are safe!  Barb made Dale go out and check it twice during the storm.  The rain was coming down so hard you could barely see the trees. 

Temperatures fell to 38 last night and will again tonight.  It
is almost May!

About 4 1/2 inches of  rain fell in 45 minutes.  Then for the rest of the afternoon we had another 1 1/2 inch on top of that.  We were never in danger, but the street in front of the house did have standing water.  Something we have not seen before.  I am guessing it is because of  the 4 inches in the 45 minutes.

After the weather cleared we were able to get to Denham Springs and spend a few minutes at the Artist Reception for the Juried and Emerging Artists Exhibition at Livingston Parish Art Council. 

Here is my piece called Speechless. 

Don't you love to see your work hanging in a gallery somewhere!

Asterisk Quilt Comes Together

I know you are all asleep right now, but I need you to wake up and look at this and tell me what you think.

I have good ideas occasionally, but I don't always know how to bring them home.

So tell me what you think.

I have these Asterisk blocks that need to get finished for May.  And they need one more buddy in black.  He will happen tomorrow, hopefully.  That will give me 8 of the big guys.

I created them myself after several tries.  I say several tries because I had to work out the problem with bulky seams meeting in the center.  You will notice that none of the seams meet in the center now. 

I worked that out.

And all the seams meet other places now.  And that is better than when it started out.  Believe me.

So anyway.

I was thinking that the Asterisks were plain and boring looking on white background, but that is all I had ever pictured them on.  Then I noticed a black dot fat quarter and thought that might be a nice center block.

Which led me to think that I could use more of that to go around the outside but I didn't want to buy more fabric.  So I looked around the shelves and found this.

Click on the photos  to make them larger

And under that were these numbers.

I don't know if the scale of the numbers make them wrong for the Asterisks blocks. 

I like the numbers.  But I also like the quilt to be one that you say, what is your favorite color, red?  Purple?  Orange?

 Maybe it is all too much and I should go back  to all white.........

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Balance Doc -- Finally

Met with the Balance Doc finally today.  We talked about the connection between migraines, Meniers, Hydrops and vertigo.  He said one of his big triggers is chocolate, so at least that is not a problem for me!  I couldn't handle that one. 

He was pleased with my progress and discharged me from the Balance Institute with an appointment for a hearing test to look for any changes in 6 months.  I am having to track all my follow ups on a spreadsheet now!

Carrie had asked me to work on a girl quilt for one of her preggy girlfriends.

I sent her this and asked if this might work.

She said it would.....most definitely!

So modern!  So girlie!

These are 4 1/2 inches 

I cut out a lot of pink background squares to pull the patterns together.

I  thought it might be fun to fan them out like bar napkins.

I need to mark the center line on all those pinkie squares so I can sew them.  I just cut without counting so I have no idea how big it will be.  But I have a few more pieces I can add to the  mix and make some HSTs with a cream background to spread around for flavor if it needs to be larger.

We shall see. 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Chocolate Chipolte Bacon Beignets and Cambodian Art

 This morning we had breakfast at Batch 13 (Chocolate Chipotle Bacon Beignets) and headed to the Cambodian Art Sale.

It was part of the Mission from the Methodist Women who travel there monthly bringing supplies to the school they support.  Lots of had embroidered purses, back packs, jewelry and hand dyed scarves.  I bought a fish purse and some bead bracelets.  Frank gave
them the rest of the $20 as a donation.  I can see some Christmas presents down the road!

Later at home, I told Frank he had to take care of all the dogs
.  That meant I could have uninterrupted time in my studio without having to let dogs in and out.  I could concentrate and complete my thoughts.

I got so much done in the afternoon.

I finished the first round on the Cotton Robin and packaged it up for mailing off to Christa in Virginia.

I got the Modern Robin round finished up and boxed for the meeting on Monday.

I did the Lotto Block for Remember Me for the April Meeting.

I did the Lotto Block for the Modern Guild meeting for Monday night.

I did an improvisational piece for my Fiber Exploration Group this month.

 I passed out some letters like E, T, H, I, L and O.

I asked the members to use those letters as inspiration and use the shape  to

create a piece for the next meeting.

I am really happy with what I have so far on my project.  Being
able to work improvisationally is incredible.  You start out with an idea.  I work with a What If...... style.  What if I add this color....yes or no.  What if I add white......oh no!

I wanted a cityscape.  Then I wanted to add a factory to my piece.  I guess I am into factories since I have one in my blue jean road piece as well.  

I kept trying to add white into the mix and it kept kicking it out!  After looking at it for a while on my design wall, I may be able to add some in by doing a ladder grid under the last row of grey.  I can try it a bit in the next day or so.

Sawyer is sick, so I get to have him tomorrow.  So long planned day........