Tuesday, August 22, 2017


I took this pile of miscellaneous fabrics and turned them into pillowcases.

Even more amazing, I spelled that "m" word in the prior sentence without the need for spelllcheck!  And got it right!  LOL

I have two Russian Dolls

Aquarium Fish and Viva Las Vegas


Dogs.  But of course!

 I wanted to use this train fabric for a great male oriented
pillowcase, but it was in part of the fabric that came in contact with my dye jars in the flood.

I trimmed the border on my Leaves quilt.  This one was on the frame when the waters came up.  It sat rolled up on the bars in the Quilt Haus while we rebuilt.  I finished it up when I got the frame set back up  in the house.

Now I need something to sew on while I am at the CAAWS building this weekend.  We are getting a new AC/Heating system put in.

 I want to commend myself for choosing the most perfect border fabric for an amazing quilt!

....pat myself on the back a bit.....

Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse and a NEW Project

Yesterday I said that in that contraption with al the stuff on it, Sawyer looked like the Daleks in Dr. Who.  Actually, I was thinking about the leader of the Daleks, Dr. Davros.  I just couldn't think of his name.  I came across a site that listed all the monsters in the series and spent a considerable amount of time looking for this guy.  It just kept bugging me!

But he really does look like a happier Davros, doesn't he.

I know I listed a lot of things I need to work on, but I decided to add yet another project to my workload.  yes, Like the glutton for punishment, what are we unless we are pushing ourselves to the outmost limit......right?

You know I have been doing Physical Therapy, which by the way has relived 95% of all the pain,   And there is Sy and Trinity who own the place.  And Cara, TJ and Tyler who are the PT Techs working with me.  And Sy and Trinity have two girls and a boy.

I figure that is 8 pillow cases.

I made one today, getting the measurements straight.  I put some chicken and peppers and onions into the crockpot and sewed until the eclipse started. 

These are photos from the TV coverage Madras OR.  


I  emptied a box of Chocolate Crave Cereal (hey, don't judge) and took these photos of the eclipse as it happened here in Baton Rouge.  
The cereal box was interesting.  Frank got home halfway though the event and was amazed at the eclipse as it passed through North Carolina where we had just been

This is what we saw here, well, I didn't because I didn't have glasses......but I digress.

 This is the real eclipse and on the  right is the one I made.

I think I got it pretty good, huh?

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Dr. Who In My Own Family

Busy weekend once again.  Hope yours was a nice.  I would rather be busy than to lay around.  Even though I did that Saturday afternoon when I just had to sleep.

I felt like I had a fever, but couldn't get the thermometer to work.  Stupid things are so complicated these days.  A few years ago, we used to have a strip that you put on your forehead and it showed a number  Now  you have to turn them on, get them to light up......aughhh.

We even went to the pharmacy to see if we could get a simple device.  And came home with a regular thermometer with no mercury.  Now I can't see where the line is!  Nothing is perfect!

I have half a mind to use the Temp Gun I gave Frank last year to measure the temp of the air coming through the ductwork! Remember I went around shooting the temp of dogs, fabric, stove, window, chairs.  Remember that?

My CFAL meeting was today.  Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana.  We turned in our pieces for the show that will hang at the Arts Council of Livingston Paris for two months.  I forgot to take photos of my piece before I took it in.  Dumb.  But I will get a good photo of it in a nice place all hung up at the show.  That's even better!

 I brought my Wreck This Journal book and turned it to the Invite People To Draw Here page.  And a few did.  I was happy.  And I can also bring it to several other places to get their artistic hand.

This week I can continue to work on my Improv Stripes Quilt Along Quilt. I think they are already putting the finishing touches on their quilts so I am REALLY behind.  The week in North Carolina did me in here.

And I can continue to work on the Fishes Quilt.   I need to put it all together and add a final outside row.  I will have more fish borders so I may have to add them in or even do a couple of pillows for the front room sofa.

And I need to put the swimming pool together and get it on the Avante frame.  I already know how I want to quilt the pool and the cement around it.  Yep, pebbles, of course!

I have decided that I need to finish quilts not just make tops for the proverbial pile.

I also have to finish up Sawyer's quilt.  I am thinking I have half the blocks done.  Maybe just over half, I can't remember.  All I know is that I had 17 fat quarters!  And they each make two.

We had dinner with the young man himself.  Well, we had Mediterranean and he had milk.

And he mostly slept.

This is him right before we left.  He was really excited about going!

And doesn't he look a little like the Daleks from Dr. Who? (when he was the best one, Tom Baker.)

Friday, August 18, 2017

Scored More Fabric and Art Supplies

I ordered these just before we left for North Carolina and had them delivered to Carrie's house.  I have seen her twice and she has not brought them to me......I think she wants me to forget she has them.

I now have an alphabet stamp set.  Nice one, too.  And some Liquitex Inks. 

And Hancock's of Paducah had a really great sale on these batik pre-cuts.

I need to send one of them as a thank you to Bernadette May who sent me her fishes pattern to figure out.    I think I will send her a light batik pack because the lights are sometimes difficult to find and she lives in Germany.

And look at this drool worthy package of Essex Linen.......you should sing that when you say it! 

I love them all. 

Some of the blues will go into the Goldfish Quilt that will get worked on when I finish and deliver the Eclipse piece to the show committee.

Gotta go, people, gotta go fondle my fabrics.......

Can You Believe I Did THAT?

I can't.  Not many people could do something as creative, I tell you.   And I probably couldn't do it again if I tried.

I ran a couple of bobbins for The Eclipse piece and I put them on the thread spindle on top of the machine.  I was having difficulty with the machine anyway, so when the wheel kept getting harder and harder to turn, I was just exasperated. 

When I finally looked at it, this is what I found.  The stupid bobbin had wound itself around the wheel!  Geez. 

I don't like this machine.  I am looking a gift horse in the mouth when I say that though.  It was one donated to Bridge Over Troubled Waters Quilt Relief.  Since I was out of town that weekend, my friend Paula went and picked out some fabric and scored this Janome 415. 

It is a rough machine, grinding as it works.  It has one speed, one stitch length and one direction. 

f you don't need to reverse or go slow, you got it made!

This Eclipse piece needs a lot of stops and starts and some precision sewing.

So, you ask, why am I using it? 

Well, my lovelies.  My Husqvarna 950E is in the Viking shop in Jackson MS.  Frank kindly brought it in when he was visiting one of his facilities in Columbia MS earlier this week.  They specialize in Husqvarna and Pfaff.  Husqvarna now owns Pfaff and Singer. They are called the VSM Group and are wholly owned by Kohlberg Group which is a leverage company specializing in hostile takeovers.  Too much information?  I thought it was interesting, stocks have been a hobby of mine since Grad School.  All that means is they are simply a group that buys companies for profit, not because they are interested in them.  

But I digress......


I was able to get a semblance of straightline quilting that will pass.  Since I can't change stitch length or go backwards, so I have a million and twenty threads to bury.

I am glad I stopped at this level of stitching and didn't continue.  I could have had a million and sixty threads to bury!

And John the mechanic already called to say he changed three things, none of which I can remember at this moment.  He says the stitch is beautiful! 

It really is a workhorse of a machine.  The thingk I like the ost about it is that it goes FAST.  I can sew up a storm with that machine!

And I miss it so much at thi moment!  

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Buying Spree

I have to work on my piece that will be in the Livingston Arts Council Show in September.  It is due this Sunday at the CFAL (Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana) meeting.  I have it finished but it needs quilting.  All the pieces in this show need to be available for sale.  I love the piece, and I sucked it up and used some pieces I can no longer get.  But it is really cool and I like it.  And, hey,  if I do sell it, I can buy more. 

I asked Carrie about pricing art, and she kinda ticked me off.  She said, keep the price low because you know a lot of people don't like quilts as art.  Huh?  Really, child?  This is not a quilt, it is a small piece of fiber ART.  So I guess I am on my own with what I have read in Quilting Arts mags and such.

I looked at our bank account the other day.  And there was this huge balance.  I asked Frank what he planned on doing with the money........and he said, "Invest it". 

I figured it would serve Carrie right if I could spend part of her inheritance so I told him I was going to replace some of my sewing and quilting stuff again.

So this is what I bought.........Sit back, buckle up, here we go!

36 Prismacolor pencils.  And today  bought  a brass sharpener made from a valve of some sort.  It was expensive at $5 but it was so cool!

Can't go  wrong with Jane and Wen. I hope to really take my art to the next level.  I have photos upon photos upon photos!  If I can work on digitizing some of these I could justify a larger printer and better quilts!

  The ladies at my Fiber Group were impressed with this book today.  I have been seeing it since before the flood and have been totally lusting after it, mostly because of the fox, maybe.  When it arrived, it had  that suede, velvety cover.  Now I just want to stroke it!

Maybe I will make you a fox collage one day.  Wouldn't that be nice? 

There are a lot of really interesting things in this book.  When I really delve into it, I will have to show you some of them.
This was totally a fun thing.  Off the wall pages tell you what to do.  Like one says, tear this page out and sell it.  One says poke holes in this page.  Another says write one word - over and over and over till you fill the page!

What fun it will be to be creative without boundaries!  Talk about expanding your mind and your creativity  confidence!

This looked really fun.  Sometimes we  just need exercises to ignite our creativity, right?

And it has a crow on the front, and a fish!  You know I had to buy this book!!!!

Ok.  I have no idea how this happened.......again.  I bid on one, and won two.  I somehow bid on two auctions.  Geez.

I  love the book, I had the first edition before the flood and she has improved it, added some photos and quilts.

Do you have any of these books?  Do you like them?  Do you see anything you might buy for yourself? 

 I was at Pier 1 buying another C Table for the den when I saw this.  DOGS and specifically BASSET!

It literally screamed, buy me, buy me!

I found a sale on this black.  A good solid strong black is hard to find. This is actually called Amish Black. And it is SOOOOO black!

I bought 15 yards of the stuff.  I love black.  So many uses for it.

And, finally,  this WHOLE box of fabric from the 50% off at Delta Patchwork's Clear The Warehouse sale.

Lots of black  and white, lots of modern, lots of texture. 

All amazing.

Tomorrow I hope to have some photos of my show piece for you.  Or at least the block sections. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Note of Gratitude....And Then It Is Over

We can never repay the generosity of our friends.  

Dee and Greg, Charlene and Xavier, Paula and Glen.  Daughter Carrie moved heaven and earth to find us doors, contractors, wood, furniture; whatever we needed to build up this house again.  Frank's coworkers from the Katrina ravaged areas around New Orleans, who knew what these feelings were like because they lived them.

Jason who brought us the Camper From Hell we lived in for 9 months.  No heat and no refrigerator and tiny as anything, but it was not a shelter and our 3 bassets were with us.  And that was worth more than any money. 

My Quilting friends who kept reading as I wrote day to day journals.  The writing of it helped keep me sane.  There were daily tears, heck, daily sobs.  

Charlene and Paula spent countless hours washing my quilts and my fabric.  I can't begin to even say what that means to me.

Many sent me quilting fabric and implements.  Or just a fat quarter  or a pattern even.   I received a huge box of stuff from Mari.  A quilt I will always treasure arrived one day from the Barn Builders.  I still sleep under their love each night.

The spices made my food taste like something again.

Patty, whose specialty is amazing t-shirt quilts,  made one for me to make it feel like personal home again.

 We could not have survived without the combined effort of our friends.  

It is a year later now and everything in our house is new except the sink and the gas stove top.  I still have flashbacks to walking in the hallway with the water swirling around my ankles.  Writing this recollection was cathartic, as Penny suggested.  But when I saw the photo of Frank in the back of the truck, I broke down in tears. 

 There have been some amusing moments through the year too.

Randomly finding a neighbor who had a fork lift and how he moved Frank's car out to the street.

Watching Frank count out the cash to pay for his new truck was priceless.

Sleeping in sleeping bags because the Camper From Hell had no heater and we have 27 degree nights in winter. 

Buying all new clothes because I had two shirts, three capri pants and one bra to my name.  Somehow Frank had over 50 t-shirts, 20 pairs of jeans and all his socks and underwear.  How did THAT happen?

I am glad it is over.  Yes, physically over. Mentally, it will always be with me till I take my last breath on this earth.

The need to mark this event as it has marked me is strong.  I want a visual reminder of the rising water, the tears and the gut pain.  I  have chosen the tattoo that I will wear for as long as that part of me remains.  And beyond.