Sunday, August 28, 2016

They Came and Took My CVR

OMG!  Did I cry. 

I cried when I traded in each one of my cars/vans/sports cars.  Not that I have had a lot of them, I just really loved my vehicles.  Each one was carefully saved for and planned.  We always paid cash and didn't finance them.  It made it the vehicle a purposeful purchase.  I took lots of time to consider and test and decide what I wanted.

My CRV was no exception.

So I cried when they loaded it up and drove off. 

You might think I cry a lot.  Actually I don't.  I am pretty stoic.  I am the one in the crisis that handles stuff and makes decisions and is there.  Carrie gets that virtue from both parents.  But we are pretty stoic people. 

Now I just cry about my lost stuff.

But like my friend Charlene says, it is cathartic.  It is what puts the period at the end of the sentence.

They took my car away today. 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Total Chaos Of Whirling Basset Infinity

OMG! The rain just won't stop.  It has rained all afternoon and all nigh so far, at 10 PM. My anxiety level is definitely up.  It is still scary to hear the rain.  I have never been afraid of weather before, but my chest tightens at night when the rains come.

 Yes, I did cry when I picked them up.  They were so very happy.  Well, after they visited all possible combinations of dogs in the waiting room, much to the displeasure of a lot of owners.  We all got willingly into the new truck.  They rode home in great anticipation of a running and smelling their familiar yard.  I so disappointed them.  They have about 15 x 15 corner of the yard. And an 8 x 16 driveway space in front of the camper.  We put an easy up tent there.

On the way home I had a talk with them about the house and the yard and the camper.  They were sure none of it was true and that Normal would prevail.

As we pulled into the driveway, the deluge began.  We ran under the easy up and stayed there until it stopped in about an hour.  They were frantic about the situation. Never before had we sat out under a tent in a rainstorm.

They were intrigued by the camper, but Chloe was particularly adamant about going inside the big house.  We went into the camper instead.  McGee go on the table, DiNozzo Got on the bed.  Chloe got int the bananas.  And they were soaking wet.  As were we.

At some point things began to slow down.  And I sat on the sofa thing.  McGee came to sit by me.  When Chloe walked by, he attacked her.  I tossed him int the crate.

Then I sat down and cried again.

Everybody was OK, but It scared me.  So now we have an active baby gate system while we live in such close quarters.  In a 27 foot camper.  Oh, yeah.

Frank and the dogs slept most of the afternoon.  I looked at appliance reviews and spworked on my inventory list for the adjuster.  I just can't remember what I had.  My sewing room alone had thousands of dollars of fabric, books and equipment.  But I can't remember any of it.

I am so tired of this.  I want it over.  I want my stuff back.  My beautiful house, my messy house.

And so do all my neighbors.

Friday, August 26, 2016


I guess actually sending photos would be good!

Today we sat with Carrie and chose cabinets, paint, styles and tiles. I watched her in her element, doing what she loves. 

More on that later. My college friend in India contacted me today. I guess we made news in India!  That is bittersweet exciting

Friday's Triumphs

However small, they are triumphs nonetheless.  Glen came by the camper today and figured out why we can't get the tiiny hot water heater to work.  A bad valve on one of the propane tanks.  Frank is currently taking a shower.  I have not yet gotten my mind to decide to bathe here.  Maybe after a while.  My "new" house will have a shower I can walk the dogs into where the jacuzzi tub used to live.

we got 3/4 of the dog yard fencing done.  I just called the vet and schedule an exit strategy for the bassets.  I may be the blubbering fool in the waiting room tomorrow. 

The de humidifer guy came and removed all the big machines this morning.  He was getting readings of 1, which is excellently dry.

here is what my house currently looks like.

10 things we learned from the 2016 flood

Ten Things that we Learned from the Louisiana Flood 2016
1. AT&T sucks and Verizon is owned by a Cajun.
2. The Cajun Navy is better equipped than the Fed Govt and 
is much faster.
3. Race does not divide us, the media divides us.
4. CNN stands for Covers Negativity News and CN stands
for Cajun Navy.
5. We will find the means to cook in any situation
6. All Lives Matter including Animals
7. No water is too deep nor too shallow for passage.
8. A Cajun can launch a boat anywhere including roadways.
9. Our strength is " Togetherness "
10. Under no circumstances will we be defeated

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Triumph For Today


Co brought volunteer techs and service guys from all over the country.  My guy this afternoon was from Oklahoma.

And he bestowed internet upon our lowly trailer!

So far today we have had 3 1/'2 inches of rain.  INCHES, people.  3.5 inches just today.

And how many tropical depressions are heading our way?  3 you say?  Paltry.

Let them come now while everything is torn out of the house!

Frank drove the truck to New Orleans to meet with customers today.   He said he almost felt normal. Almost.  But he got over 30 mph on the road, so that was a great thing to hear.  His Accord would get up t0 about 38 mpg on the road.  And he was always on the road.

FEMA is a joke.  I have a whole rant about those guys.  But I will tell you this, don't unless you are already on welfare, don't expect to get any help from them.  

tomorrow, our agenda is to prepare the trailer for the bassets.  We will fence off a small area of the yard adjacent to the trailer so I can control where they go.  We have not patrolled the yard and who knows what is dead (or alive)  back there.

More later.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Frank Is Still Alive

So I kept Frank alive today!  A major accomplishment, obviously.

Doctor said his leg was looking good. Thank heavens for that huge thing.

We have started power washing where the dogs will be walking around the camper. We are watching the tropics. Man, if it going to come let it be now when everything is already pulled out!

We are hoping to have the dogs home by Saturday. We need to fence off only where they will be allowed and figure out how to get crates in the camper. And keep 'McGee from eating the camper. I have no idea how that will be accomplished.

Frank will head to New Orleans tomorrow to visit one Shell Square. It will be his first truck trip!  I think he is excited to be getting back to work. We have the appointment with the adjuster on Monday.  I have been hearing that people are maxing out on their costs, so it is hopeful for us.

I get to stay By myself and work my buns off. Get this.  Frank has lost 12 lbs since this started. I have lost 1. ONE. Uno. How is that fair?