Thursday, November 20, 2014

Jeresy Shore Hook Ups

I decided to call it Jersey Shore Hook Ups!  What a fun exciting title!

I drafted the block in EQ6.  It was easy as pie!  Easy peasy, as they say.  If you don't know how to use your EQ, we need to talk. 

So..........I drafted the block in EQ6, that is the version I have.  EQ7 offers some photo play abilities but EQ6 works just fine.  Althought I would LOVE to have 7, just to be up with the latest of the latest.

I printed the block as a 15 x 15 inch block size.  This meant I had to piece the paper pieces together.  I found an 18 x 22 inch cardboard backing board that was stiff enough be a good template, yet thin enough to cut.  To make is stiffer, I glued two pieces together as well.

I added the quarter inch to the template for the cutting portion.

 Then I hauled out three boxes of scraps and dug through for some imilar colors in a size that would fiit my template pieces.
 I used the template to cut out the shapes of the arc.   I did not cut directly from the cardboard.  I still used my ruler.  I have an Add-A-Quarter ruler but was too lazy to get up and find it.

Here are all my pieces cut up and bundled with the templates.  Don't you love this?  I think this is  the most exciting part of a quilt.  It has such promise, you haven't screwed anything up yet.  you haven't cut anything incorrectly yet.  The pieces all promise to go together nicely still. 
 I always wanted to do a quilt that had multiple pieces I could stack up very neatly.  Like the big people do!  And here it is, all stacked up neatly!  I even found a few slices and tied them up! 

I Love this!  It may not get any further than this! 

I am really excited about this so far.  We shall see what I feel like after I start putting it together.

Fiber Group Rocks

Well, there were only two of us who actually presented a Rocks piece.  They all liked my Serenity Rocks! piece. It was a win. The heart rock was a photo BeBe's husband took in Yosemite National Park.  She manipulated it in Photoshop and brought in colors similar to the photo.

Each of  the four members who went to the Houston Show brought their incredible purchases to show.  Michael loves the silks and kimono linens.  He finds incredible pieces that no one else can.  His incredible sense of fabric and color and design have opened a new world of fabric creation for him.  It will be an amazing journey.

After I got home from the meeting, I spent about an hour cutting out groups of scraps  for the arcs of a new scrappy quilt.  I am excited about this new quilt, I can't wait to start working on it.......this afternoon I have NOTHING else to do!  I will post this afternoon about my process.

Mary brought me some bolts of black and grey.  This is my thought process.  It is November.  My Stash numbers are already blown to smithereens in the wrong direction.  The numbers will reset in January to ZERO.  Zip.  Goose Egg.

So why not get it all in now!

So I did!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dates for the Cotton Robin 2015 Are Out!

 Remember, these are small pieces ending up around 25 to 30 inches.  I have done this for 3 or maybe 4 years now.  If you go to 

and see what we did in 2014.  Julie has the starter block then the finished piece together to see the amazing transformation.  Mine was the lemon piece.

Please join us!


- center block should be mailed to Julie to arrive by January 31, 2015; the blocks will be distributed by February 10.

- center-with-one-border should be mailed to the next quilter no later than March 20.

- center-with-two-borders should be mailed to the next quilter no later than May 8.

- finished quilts can be mailed to their owners whenever you wish, but no later than June 30.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

52 Photos - Gallery 29 - Vintage Buildings

Bike rides in the city!  We ride in the summer, winter, fall and spring.  It doesn't matter if it is cloudy or fair, we ride a lot.  Usually our rides are about 15 to 18 miles long on the weekends and up to about 5 every other day during the week.   Oh, but we dolike to go at a leisurely pace!  We tried to ride for a while with the big bike club and they ride at 20 mph plus, plus, plus.  Not what we enjoyed doing. 

I am trying to get a couple of us together and forming a new "club" of riders who like to do what we do and actually enjoy the ride.

When you are street level and going slow you get to see much more than when you whiz by in your air conditioned car.  We have so much history here.  Some of it was destroyed in the War Between the States but what remains, we can walk into and feel the souls of those who walked before us. 

The Old State Capital was built in 1847 on the bluff overlooking the mighty Mississippi River.  Now it sits several hundred feet off the river as the river has moved.  The style is called "Castellated Gothic" because of the cast-iron decoration of its crenellated battlements and turrets.  Whatever that means, it looks like a medieval castle of sorts.  During the Civil War it was used a a prison until one of the Union troops set the building on fire.  It was reconstructed and the huge curving staircase (where lots of high society brides get their wedding photos done) was added to the interior.  The building served as the seat of Government for the State of Louisiana until 1932, when the NEW State Capitol Building was completed.

Louisiana Governor Huey Long was a very very interesting character, who was hugely proud of his state.  During the Great Depression he used WPA workers and money to build a new State Capitol Building.  It was to be the tallest of all capitols in the States at 450 feet and 334 stories tall!  And it still is!  If you walk through the marble hallways of the first floor, you can still see the divots in the marble where Huey's bodyguards shot his assassin 62 times.  Those bullets were a-flyin' !  

There is an observation tower on the very top, that all schoolchildren from across the state visit during their 7th grade year.   

On the other side of the Capitol Building is a beautiful park where Huey P. Long is buried.  He was pretty full of himself, wasn't he!

We have a beautiful city and it is fairly safe to ride in.  We stay off the main roads and ride on the weekends in the city.  I have a lot of photos for future galleries of Belle's 52!

ere HHere is the link to the 52 Photos where yu can see other old buildings

The State of Things in My World

My design wall is full.  Full with two of the Louisiana Traveling Quilts.  I have to mail one off soon so I need to get it in wraps and ready to go.  That would be Ramona's dotted oil derrick.  I have the feathers for Pat's quilt all done but not added.  I will let the person behind me figure out what to do with them in their block scheme.  The quilt is getting quite large.

I am currently working on the I Spy Blocks for my last quilt.  I don't really have a lot of kid's fabric but I have a few things to add.  Ramona, our fearless leader, emailed me and said, wow, you will be finished with that last one!  Aughhh!  Yes I will.  Oh my!

I want to bring the quilts to the REME meeting on Tuesday so I have something to show, then mail them off.  So that is the plan.

I wanted to work on  the feathers today but Carrie asked me to meet the oven quy at her house.  The oven door is being replaced.  It should be quick.  Chloe has a bladder infection so that meant running urine to the vet and getting meds.  They basically take my word for it but if I can make Frank catch urine in a baggie, it is all worth it.  Poor girl, it was full of blood too.

And we needed toothpaste from the health food store,  not far but just out of my way. 

I have some ideas for some really great quilts.  And I have some really great quilts that are in the "need to be quilted" pile!  I want to try some McTavishing on a few.

Thanks Carol, for getting me back hooked on that! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Don't Tell Mom I Used Her Computer!

I read a post from my friend Cole the Big Black Poodle over at Not Afraid of Color.  (Yeah, right.  then why is he black?  Being white you can dye yourself MANY colors!)   He got to visit the quilt shops.  My mom would never take me to a quilt shop, she'd be afraid I'd EAT fabric and she would have to pay for it!

Aside from looking for crumbs mom left from breakfast, I have always wondered about the fascination humans have for this computer thing.  So I decided to try it when Mom went to make some coffee.  She says the TV told her that coffee is good for you because it promotes weight loss, helps maintain blood sugar levels and fights off alzheimers.  She needs all of that!

It got cold here last night and the weather human says it will be down to 25 tonight.  i do not like the cold, unless I can convince dad to come out to the sofa so I can cuddle up with him and keep warm.   

I can make my humans do most anything.  I figure out what they consider high value treats, like toilet paper and fabric, and destroy it until they notice me.

Oops, here she come.........bye!  I'm outta here!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Stash Report 11-16-14

Once again, I used a little bit of stuff in two small works, but it was using and not buying!

I made the feathers for Pat's Louisiana Traveling Quilt and the Serenity Rocks! piece for my Fiber Group meeting this Wednesday.  

My usage is down to a plus 47.5 yards!  Better than the 100 or so I started the summer with!  LOL.

Used this week -0.83
Used this month -9 used this year -138.25
bought this week 0
bought this month 0 bought this year 185.75
plus or minus -0.83
plus or minus -9 plus or minus 47.5