Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday is a Very Productive Day!

 We got the walls painted with the primer coat of Kilz.  Since it was bare sheetrock it needed to be primed first before the actual coat goes on.  Now that I had a man with good knees, he got all the high stuff and I got all the trim and baseboards completed. 

I wont be sure which color is going to go on the walls until I get the cabinets done. 

 I took the doors off, not easy to do since it has been on there for 31 years.  My wrist is sore from unscrewing all those tiny but tight screws!

I used Liquid Wood to fill in all the holes where the knobs and toilet paper holder was.  It has all been sanded so I am ready to paint the cabinets tomorrow.

 If you ignore my messy closet, you can see the shelf Frank built in.  It was the door to the laundry chute and lifted UP.  We never used it since it made the laundry sit in a dark place with no circulation of air.  And that is never a good thing!

I had the idea to make the linen cabinet look like a piece of furniture with an open shelf.  I need to go to Habitat For Humanity's ReStore on Tuesday to see if they have a cabinet door that will fit. 

I want to have a glass door on the top area.  I could leave it open, but I would have to be neat.  I could put the old door back up.  Or I could use some embossed wallpaper and make it look like a tin panel inserted in the door. 

In preparation for the trip to ReStore, I put  all the old hardware into baggies with their right amount of screws.  I will donate all the stuff, like that extra door I am no longer using and the curtain rods I won't put back up.

When we were at Lowe's this morning getting the wood for the shelf, I looked at the embossed wallpaper, cabinet hardware and handles and cabinets to see if they would sell just one door. 

Not sure about the door thing, but I am pretty sure I can find SOMETHING at ReStore.  I'll show you what an amazing place it is! 

Right now, i am going out to dinner with friends at the fabulous Thai place we love!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Magnets and a Stash Report

Well, magnet without the "s".

Over on Leeann's blog Not Afraid of Color, she asked about risk taking.  She offered a prize to someone who had a great risk story.  Of course, i had one of those stories too!

And I won a really cool magnet that is, like, perfect in every way!  LOL  That girl really gets me, you know.

And since the flurry of activity of last week, the film guy coming and the wallpaper project in the hall bath, I have had no further use of fabric.  But I  do need to remedy that since I have to have at least one finish in May for my OPAM thing. (That is One Project A Month, by the way.  See what I mean?)

I sure could have used Ray this week......I should have thought harder about putting him to work around here when he and  Swooze came for the visit!

 In my bathroom I have:

taken all the wallpaper off,
sanded the entire wall surface,
spackled the walls,
resanded the entire wall surface, 
 cleaned the cabinets surfaces AGAIN,
swept up tons of powdered spackle dust,
vacuumed up said dust,
wiped down every blasted surface,
cleaned the tub surround,
cleaned the window (which had not been done in a long time obviously),
vacuumed AGAIN, and
cleaned all the tools and buckets encrusted with wallpaper remnants, spackle, dust and who knows what all.

And I went out and ate a huge steak for dinner!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

One Lovely Blog Award - Its All About Me Today

Mary of Fleur-de-lis Quilts nominated my Quilts and Dogs Blog for the One Lovely Blog Award.  (Hey Mary!)

I ran into Mary (and liked her) in the Louisiana Traveling Quilt Project.  She lives in Middle Louisiana.  Or Upper Louisiana, not sure how that falls. One thing you have to understand about Louisiana is that while we have the same geographic boundaries, the North and the South are not the same state at all!  The South is hard living, hard drinking swamp Cajuns and the North is tee-totaling, land working, Bible carrying plains people.  Not sure that Mary actually falls into that description, but I am definitely from the SOUTH Louisiana people!

I have done something like this before where you nominated three others to carry on, but I really don't know a whole lot of people who have blogs and we did this once before so I am not going to add anyone to it.  (If you want to do it, then I will be more than excited to convey this award to you however!!!)  I actually like reading the things people tell you about themselves.

One of the things Mary said was that since she is an English teacher, she carries a red pen in her head.  Oh, she probably uses it on me a WHOLE lot!  (maybe even on that sentence!)  I have written copy and speeches and even had things published, but I am very loose with my writing style.  I require a lot of editing!  That is my excuse and I am sticking to it!  LOL

Ok, here goes the seven things about me:

1.  I have trained dogs for most of my life.  I started as a very young girl with my grandfather at the Shrine Circus in New Orleans.  He would ask me how I thought they taught the elephants to sit up.  They couldn't just lift their legs like we did with his dog PeeWee.  So that drove me to the library  to read every dog book in the Jefferson Parish Library System!  From there I trained all the neighborhood dogs to do tricks.  After I got married I got me some Irish Setters and trained obedience.  Even though the Irish are not so high on the intelligence graph, Ginger and I earned the Companion Dog (CD) in her first three trials. That is a pretty great accomplishment.   Brandy, on the other hand, took three years to get his!

2.  I have been a voracious reader all my life.  I was reading before I started first grade.  I almost got held back that year because when the teacher called on me to read Dick and Jane out loud in the Reading Group I  would never know my place.  I had  already read to the end of the book because I was so bored!  During Summer Reading Program I would win first place every year by reading over 200 books.  Mostly those books were about horses or dogs so I never considered it a chore to read!

3.  I am a gourmet cook.  I love to cook, evidenced by my waistline!  I  have a ton of cookbooks and am very sorry my daughter does not love cookbooks as well.  She is of the internet generation where they get a recipe from the internet.  I love to see the pictures of the dishes so I am more inclined to cook a recipe that has a photo of it in the book.  Odd how that happens.  Frank eats well, a fact NOT evidenced by his waistline.  He has skinny genes and I am jealous.

4.  I have three basset hounds and didn't want any of them.  Do not read into that that I don't LOVE them.  But I didn't choose any of them.  I got Chloe from the Boyfriend-From-Hell Episode when Carrie just turned 20.  I got the Bad Basset Boyz from CAAWS when they needed to be saved from a pair Cruelty Cases who needed a place to go.  My beloved breed is the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.  I miss them so badly.  Bassets and Swissys are totally different breeds.  Bassets are cute, sweet, loving dogs who cuddle and then ignore you while they smell something.  Swissys are aloof, protective dogs who want to be by your side about three feet away.  they make sure everything stays in its place and the garbage men don't steal our stuff every week.  They will do anything you want them to do, but they make it look like it is their idea.

5.  I have three college degrees.  For my undergraduate degree, I finished it in 2 1/2 years and was Valedictorian earning the President's Medal at Southeastern Louisiana University.  I loved being in school.  SLU is a smaller university where classes are small and you get to know your professors.  It made such a difference to have someone who really cared about you.  Frank got his degree at LSU and the classes were so big he was just one of impersonal many.

6.  My mother's mother and great aunt were dressmakers in New Orleans.  Mimi brought my grandmother to the US as a young girl from Alsace-Lorraine around the time of WWI.  They worked on the clothes of the rich and famous which included the ball gowns for the Rex and Comus Mardi Gras Krewes.  I have two quilts from Mimi (my great-great Aunt named Wilhelmina).  One is men's suiting and the other is the taffetas and silks and chiffon from the ball gowns.  My mother forced me to sit and do handwork as a young child.  I hated it because I wanted to be outside with the dog.  I would stitch something and she would evaluate it.  Generally it was deemed to be sub-par and she would rip it out in front of me and make me redo it.  I vowed to never do any of that for the rest of my life.  My mother made all our clothing including my father's suits and our underwear.  She made my prom dresses and my wedding dress and Diane's bride's maid dress.  I hated that too.  I did make some of Carrie's clothes and I taught her to sew.   But I never ever forced her to do it.

7.  I have seen a UFO.  It was when we were coming home from New Orleans many years ago.  We lived outside Hammond, LA along some of the backroads in a sparsely populated area.  Coming home late that night, about 2 AM we passed heavily wooded area where no houses or lights existed and saw a very bright, blue white light shining down from ABOVE the trees.  There are virgin pine forests there with 60 foot trees.  Frank stopped the car, which probably was not the best thing to do when you think you are looking at a UFO!  It was just so startling to see that light there where there should be nothing.  We rolled the windows down to see if we heard a helicopter or small plane or something. There was no sound what-so-ever.  Even the Stealth Helicopters the military has make some sound. We didn't see little green men or anything like that.   But we never have found anything that has explained what we both saw.  So we really did see an Unidentified Flying Object that night.

8.  In Louisiana, we always offer you some Lagniappe!  Lagniappe is just something extra.  Like 13 donuts when you buy a dozen.  So I offer you an extra bit of something about me.  We travel extensively.  We have been all across the US, in some of the most beautiful places on earth!  We watched the sunset while scuba diving off Key West, FL and we have seen the light of day at 2 AM on the slopes of Denali in Alaska.  I have walked through the Acropolis in Greece and through the Colosseum in Rome.  I have touched the pyramids in Egypt.  I have driven the Hwy 1 and touched the Pacific Ocean along the coast of California and waded along the shore of the Atlantic in Maine and Nova Scotia.  This year I will take a voyage around the southernmost tip of South America called Cape Horn and see where the penguins really live.  That will put us on all the continents except for one!  It has been an amazing experience!

I hope you have enjoyed learning these things about me.  Some you may have already known, but I know you didn't know all of that!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wallpaper and Fiber Arts

I went to my Fiber Art Group tonight and saw some fantastical stuff.  I am rubbing elbows with some talented folks.    Check out the Fiber group post from my side panel on my blog page. 

Earlier today I went to the Bonnie Hunter (like) Group this morning and got some hexie flowers made. 

And I scraped off some wallpaper!  I now have two walls completely done.  And like 8 more to do.  Not that the bath is that large, but it is a pretty good sized room.  Lots of walls. 

Suzette, you wouldn't recognize the place!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I have been busy....again!

I had a busy day so I could only get 1/2 mile walk in this morning before it all started.  For the last two days I have hit 10,000 steps.  Not sure I will get there today though.  I am at 5876 right now and have another 1/2 mile with the dogs later.  Not 10,000 worth though.  I  can't figure out how to use the calorie portion yet. 

I had a Care Plan meeting for my mother, the big change is that Hospice is there and she is getting more eyes looking at her.  She is 111 lbs now, losing 1 or 2 lbs a week.  I get weekly reports from each person, so that is one from the nursing home and 3 from the Hospice.  Exhausting.

Before (See where the Roomba lives)
I had lunch with my friend Paula.  She heads the Bonnie Hunter Club and I will see her tomorrow at the meeting.  She went with me to the Chalk Paint place to pick out some Chalk Paint for my newest project, the Guest Bathroom.  I want to redo the cabinet.  If that goes well I will do the Master Bath and the Kitchen.  You need to investigate Chalk Paint if you have never heard of it.  No prep work other than cleaning your surface of dust and grease.  No sanding, no scraping, no nothing!  I am down with that since the cabinets have a poly varnish on them.

I scrubbed the cabinet and saw the wallpaper peeling.  I had intended to take the wallpaper off anyway so I started pulling.  Well, we know where that heads!

The doorbell rang and it was my Bose unit back from the dead.  It plays like it did before the Great Disaster.  So I listened to more of Hope by Amanda Berry and Gina Dejesus. 

When Frank got home he was surprised I had destroyed the bathroom!  But offered to take me to Rotolos for cheese calzones and sweet tea.   I can't say no to that.

But the day was not over accomplishing stuff.  When we got home we put up the new Roman Shade behind the long arm in the dining room.  It looks fabulous!

I will put one of the quilts on the frame later in the week.  Quilt a little, paint a little, pull a little wallpaper.  You know how fun that all is!


Monday, May 18, 2015

Geez, I Hate When That Happens.....

So I was standing there, talking to the film guy.  And popping these Brookside chocolate mango things into my mouth, listening to him talk about the film industry.

And then it happened, wouldn't you know one of those chocolate mango things missed!  My big mouth, and it missed!

Yep, it went right down my shirt and got hung up in my bra.

I am not totally sure he noticed but I am totally focused on that chocolate mango thing in my bra.  I can feel it, cool against my skin.

That just means it is cooler than my warm skin and will start melting soon.

Do I go get it, do I smile and just go with it, do I excuse myself?  All of a sudden I realize he is no longer talking, but looking at me like it is my turn to say something.  I think he has asked me a question.


I mumble something neutral and turn to the kitchen to check on my rice.  He moves off to his film.

And I go digging for my chocolate mango thing, because the heat of the stove has really helped the situation!

The Film Guy, or Russell as everyone else calls him, is here to put film on my windows.  The sun beats down on the front of my house and we have wanted for a long time to put the solar film on the windows that face the sun to keep it cooler. guy is not filming a movie in my quilt room!  Too bad, huh?

Meanwhile, I am drinking tea and eating my chocolate mango things more carefully.  And the best advice I can give you today.......

Stay out of Twin Peaks when the bikers are there!

The Film Guy Is Coming

Movie Camera clip artFilm Strip clip artI will have to tease you a bit. 

I  got a call last week from this film guy and he is coming today.  I will take photos and let you see what is going on here!  Pretty exciting!