Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Modern Crosses For Everett

See that, Kate gets me!  She saw the symbolism of the rising sun on the world!  If I had a prize, you would have won!

I now have lost 15.6 lbs and am halfway to goal!

So I worked on this today and got it to the top stage.  This one was fun.  Caroline is pretty staid so I wanted modern improv, but controlled modern improv.  I like it.

Here are all the Plus Blocks, I guess these are crosses, huh.

Here they are spread out.  Getting a feel for how many sashing strips I need.

 With the sashing in, it spreads out the crosses.  They look good. 

 It looked even better with everything all trimmed and proper. 

At the last minute I decided to make it not square.  You have heard me complain before that I just don't like square quilts.  So I made this one not square.  This makes it 41 wide and about 52 long. 

 I would have added more of the background to the top and bottom......but I used EVERY LAST inch of that fabric!  This is all I had left.

I can still take it off. What do you think?

My back felt better, that shot worked pretty fast.  Now I need to make the appointment with the spine doctor.  I still feel the tightness and the muscles up the side of the spine were sending spasms to my right shoulder.  What's up with that?  I think it was Suzette who recommended the bungee chair as a replacement in my sewing room.  And it is a really a comfortable chair.  I tend to sit further back in it. Which makes my posture better and my back hurt less.  

Hopefully the steroids will clear up my sinuses and stop this incessant ringing in my ears.  Little chance of that though, I think the ringing is a fixture.  Must be from the years I toured in that rock band!

You know, I have a lot of problems.  None of them are going to kill me though.  They will just make me miserable until something else does!

Twin Quilt Tops Done

 I am really glad you noticed the header photos.  It was made in a Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana  (CFAL) class by Marianne Williamson.  She is a fiber artist from Florida who uses lots of scraps, different fibers and unbelievably PAINT.  Wall paint.  She goes to the hardware stores and buys those little cans of mismatched paint someone thought was no good. 

She then stitches the devil  out of her pieces! 

Check out her work here:i

Marianne Williamson - Fiber Artist

Unfortunately, I have not seen my piece come back in the flood fabric returns.  It may be gone forever.   I really liked it too.

 Twin Quilts

I put the two quilts up to photograph and realized I still needed a top and bottom border!

I guess I was just a bit.. uh...over enthusiastic.

Borders are remedied now.  Ah, much better.

Now to choose a back.  My original plan was  to finish them and use one length of grey to quilt them together on the long arm.  But there is a problem.

There is the Leaf Quilt still on the frame from the day the flood hit.  If you remember one of last posts before the flood hit.  It was all about the leaves I was working on. 

Done, Done, Done, Done and Done

I guess I need to finish that quilt and get it off the frame to bind.  I actually have the binding already made.  And I know where it is!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Oh, no! Did I just start Another Quilt?

You betcha!  I don't jump in with just TWO feet!  LOL.

I have the issue of Caroline's new baby, Everest, needing welcome quilt.

 Oops, gratuitous baby picture....

I found me a pattern called Modern Crosses in one of the books I replaced from the flood.  I am slowly remembering all the great books I had and tearing up Amazon Prime.  About three months before the flood I bought a bedside shelf unit that had doors on the front.  Yep.  And put all my favorite books inside it.  All gone!

I had to get up last night because my back was hurting, so I pulled a background fabric.  Then I had to find 9 fat quarters that went with it.  I played around with those and had the desire to cut up the pieces into the 4 inch squares necessary for the pluses.

Then.....I had an overwhelming urge to put a few of them together.  One, well, maybe two.  Just two.....really.

I had to force myself to go lay on the sofa.  My back was hurting anyway.

So today, I have a muscle relaxant, a steroid shot and a steroid pack.  And an appointment with a lower spine doctor.

I did work on the Twin Girl quilt.  It is almost ready to straighten and put the columns together.  Looking good!

I am going to sit and watch the Grand Finale of Dancing With the Stars! 

Oh.....and nobody noticed the new header?????  Wha?????

Monday, May 22, 2017

Girls On Top!

Well, well.  I am down 12.6 lbs since May 2.  Nearly halfway to my goal.

I finished the top for the Boy Triangles and started on the Girl Triangles.

I love how the colors are so muted and sophisticated!  This is a great combination of my really weird fabric. What I did here was to lay the girl triangles over the boy quilt so I would know how many to cut and what else I needed to cut.  That strip on the side is the brown solid I will use for the line running between triangles.  Like the shaft, I guess.

I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow.  I am not sure what kind of specific doctor to go to.  Remember Dr. Gorgeous, my knee guy?  He is now working in New York.  And most of them around here either work for the Charity system or specialize in some part.  I am not sure if I need a hip doctor or a spine doctor.  So I will let Dr. Lee decide.

It gets,confusing around here.  Christopher Lee is our GP, Stephen Lee is the vet and Alfred Stevens is the other vet.  You have to be very specific when you talk about one!

I did find a pain pill last night, Frank remembered he had gotten a pain med when we were on the cruise.  When I looked up the information about it, it said it was good for lower back pain..  Imagine that?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Twin Boy Triangles

When Charlene  was here, her back was killing her  Yesterday and today, mine is killing me.  I can barely move and was searching through my stuff for a pain pill bigger than ibuprofen.  It must be pretty bad when I am searching for pain meds!  Yes it was!  I knew where a bottle was from before the flood.........

I spent Saturday working on the triangles.

It progressed through the day.  As did the learning curve.

One more triangle strip to go!

I will use the boy quilt as the pattern for the girly quilt.  I need to find out the names of these babies!

Chloe is doing very well still.  This is one week from surgery.   We had to make her turn around at 1/4 mile this morning.  Last surgery was closed with staples.  Remember?  She took her own staples out!  So this time he closed her up with old fashioned stitches.  I think she can take those out too.  We have one more week to go!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Designing Quilts With Charlene

My good friend Charlene came in yesterday from Lafayette bringing with her 5 more boxes and a trash bag full of my fabrics. I am once again overwhelmed.  For both what she and Paula did for me after the flood and for the amount of fabric I have!

At the guild meeting raffle table, Charlene won a very expensive adjustable clear sewing extension table for her machine and I won 5 lousy tote bag patterns!  I really lusted after that table!  Like everyone else in the meeting, she is one lucky winner!

Charlene and I spent this morning putting the design together for the first of two baby quilts.  Twins.  Boy and girl.  Two quilts!

I knew from the start I wanted triangles, modern, easy and alike.  And a grey background on both.  I thought I would start by designing the first one with the boy fabrics and just replicate the same for the girl.  I forget the names. She may have told me but I have forgotten.

I started by cutting out some equilateral triangles (ETs) from paper and tossing them around the 40 x 40 space.  Charlene helped me refine the design and lay the color arrangements.  Once we had something we liked I pit together the largest ETs.

I forgot to account for the size differences in the grey backgrounds, so back to the drawing board for some quick fixes.

I got one section pit together when Frank asked if I wanted to see how high the river was along the downtown levee.  Yeah, buddy!

Lunch at my favorite-- Bistro Byronz although the diet wouldn't permit their homemade potato chips and four cheeses melted to perfection-- but I digress.

April 2017
The water was high, but not as high as it was in 2011.  If I ever get my photos back I will compare them for you.  I did have one from a month or so ago. 

This is the USS Kidd and the downtown pier where the river boats tie up.

And the Mississippi River Bridge.  I love bridges!

And the Belle of Baton Rouge Riverboat Casino!  Louisiana law says no casino can be built on land.  But it allows for any number of them to be floating on various rivers and tribal lands.  We have two riverboats here in Baton Rouge.

BONUS!!!  LUMCON was having a meet the fleet day and we toured the boats and talked to the scientists.  OMG...... I am getting so old, most of the scientists were 20-something girls!

It was interesting. Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium.  LUMCON.  The largest research fleet and personnel in the US.  They were heading out for a month long research tour in the Gulf of Mexico.  Several experiments were laid out, and they had an underwater oceanographic research vessel they were showing off.

kA group of school kids were doing a tour as well, a researcher asked one if he would ike to do this when he grew up.  Yes,  he replied.  Well, the researcher said, study your math!  No, he replied, I hate math and won't do any of it.

So sad, I guess he stays on welfare!

 A very interesting and unexpected afternoon.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Two Baby Quilts

I have a good friend who live around the corner in one of the few houses in my area that did not flood.  She has a gorgeous golden retriever who Chloe seems to think is very handsome.  She flirts with him all the time!

 She was amazing, bringing us food at lunchtime for weeks while we worked on the house.

Big plates of spaghetti and meatballs, sandwiches and even chicken and dumplings one day.  And it was enough to feed several neighbors.

The week after we had Sawyer they were traveling to Virginia to be at the birth of their first grand babies.  Yes, grandbabies!  Twins.  A boy and a girl.

So I want to make a pair of quick quilts for her to send them.

Last night I pulled some pink roses and some blue rain boots.

And I have this line of weird dog portraits, cat and yarn, beads and antique sofas. Whaaa?

Really strange but I kinda like it. I can split it up in mauve/grey and brown/grey and make two matching weird quilts!

And I poured through the saved quilts in Pinterest and on blogs I follow.

So far I have not settled upon one pattern.  I am leaning toward either a zig zag ( where a common grey zig zag will tie the two quilts together) or a more modern Trey Slash block.  I think it will be easier to quilt the Trey Slash quilts, and that is what I am going for at this point.  But if I do the mauve/brown/grey the zig zag will be the better choice.

I will decide today.  And start working!

Chloe is doing amazing.  She I an expert at finding pills inside anything I give to have.  And she clamps down her teeth an does this menacing growl thing so I can't toss it down her throat.  She is a trip!

OK!  I guess you won't need that pain pill today, huh?