Friday, August 17, 2018

Two Different Finishes

yep, two very different finishes.

One is a career finish, Frank retired today.  He headed out to Broussard LA to turn in his computer and was surprised with a party in his honor.  Guys he has worked with over the last 23 years drove in to share jambalaya and cake.  So typically a Louisiana celebration!

I called Dennis, Frank’s closest counterpart, and asked that he take me some photos since I knew Frank wasn’t going to even think about it.

He is leaving a 46 year career in the oil and gas industry.  I can honestly say, the  PetroChem industry has given us a good life.  I have had friends who have railed against Big Oil, but it has been our life.  And we make no apologies for it.

I am proud of the way he handled his customers, making lifelong friends along the way.  He has been honest to a fault and treated co workers with integrity and respect.  He has quite a reputation in the business.

Since he is one of the few remaining rotating equipment sales engineers in the country, it will be interesting to see how things go without his vast knowledge and contacts.  I wonder how quickly they will start calling him!

The second is, well, simply bees!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Marking Another Event Today

You know what today is?  The second anniversary of the Great Flood of 2016.

My life has changed so much, my house has changed so much.

The house as we evacuated.   The water rose about 6 more inches and then went down pretty quickly compared to most other flood events.  By day three we were able to walk through the house.  Our problem on day two was getting there with the residual flooding in the streets.

We tried to keep the dogs out of the water, since we thought the water would not continue to rise.  We are not in a flood zone after all.

The weekend started with Frank and I deciding to head to Orange Beach AL for our anniversary celebration.   He wanted to ride Skidoos in the Gulf.  You can see the storm coming in as we looked out from our hotel balcony.

The storm gets worse as time goes on.  We are looking west, toward Louisiana.

We decided to come home since it would not stop raining.  And over the next 24 hours, the water rose


During the night as we looked out over the back yard, it was obvious the water continued to rise.

It was terrifying, just terrifying.

One of my favorite inside photos is of Chloe refusing to get out of her bed as the water rose around us.  We thought the water would stop here.

But it kept rising.

When we evacuated and were picked up by the Cajun Navy, the boat glided down Jones Creek which is usually just a trickle of water down a deep sided canal base.

Here is Chloe trying to figure out where the heck we were going!

We all were thinking that.  

I don't need words to describe this emotion.  The next hours were unbelievable as we searched for a vehicle, a place to stay, even how family members were doing.  Thank goodness Greg and Dee were able to find us.  They graciously offered us and the dogs shelter in the RV in their back yard.  We stayed with them for almost a week.  I will be forever grateful to them.

This is the day we were able to get back to the house.  The darkened bricks are where the water line was.  That is chest high on Frank and he is just under 6 feet.
And this was our home for the next 8 months.

I am so glad the physical part of all this is over.  I will carry the emotional part with me till the day I die.  I still have flashbacks and panic attacks on some nights.  I still have images in my head during moments when the rain is heavy.  And in the midnight times, walking down the darkened hallway brings the feelings of water swirling around my ankles.

From just about any part of my house, you can see where the area from which the water rose.  I find myself casting my eye in that direction often.  So far it has kept its distance.  

I am not sure it will never happen again.  I don't think we can run from it, we didn't expect to flood here in the first place.  I thought we were safe.  

But I can truthfully say, I would not do this again.  Ever.  Under no circumstances, would I put myself through this again.  

Monday, August 13, 2018

There is a moment when......

Been working on getting the Bees finished up.

And I have to say. I really love the way it turned out.

There is a moment, when you finish quilting on the machine and you are by all standards finished with the quilt.  It can stand along now, even without the binding really.

That incredible moment is when you take the quilt off the frame and see it the way it will look.

It is at that moment I fall in love with the quilt for real.

Friday, August 10, 2018

The Answer My Friend Is Blowin' In The a fan

One of the Carols had a great question - what exactly is a modern quilt?  Well, I have some insight on that!  I will do a post about that, but I need to pull some info together in a nice presentation for you.

With pictures!  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Meanwhile, I have some good news for you in the Ceiling Fan department.

I had decided that it was most likely that I would not be getting the fan I wanted.  I looked all over the internet for it and found it, but it was out of stock or unavailable everywhere.  It wasn’t looking good.

So when Carrie was over here picking up the Incrediblly Amazing Grandchild we discussed the benefits of each fan.

58" Artemis Distressed Koa LED Ceiling Fan

62" Artemis XL5 Distressed Koa LED DC Ceiling Fan

Even though the den is a huge space, she felt the 60 inch fan would be a really large presence in the room, and I agreed.  If the ceiling was higher it might have been the better choice.

So I got on Live Chat with Lamps Plus to order the other one.

Guess what?

Artur just happened to mention that if I wanted to wait until August 27 that they would receive 3 of the fans I wanted.

What?  You bet your sweet bippy I do!

He said he could put me on priority shipping and make sure one of those was mine, mine, all mine!!!

He added that they were very, very popular fans.

I know, I said.  And I own one now!

…….and then this rainbow appeared right in my backyard!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

I Am A Woman Whose Child Is Dead

From QuiltCon
This is one of the most talked about quilts.  It hung in QuiltCon 2015 and Patty The Quilt Lady and I were in Austin that year to see it.  I think it would b safe to say we both had mixed reactions.

Here is the story behind it, since most people don't know what to think when they see it.

Penny Gold was making her first bed sized quilt for her son Jeremy.  He was heading off to college in August 2004 and had chosen a log cabin pattern for his dorm room.  That July he was killed in a car crash.

She felt an outpouring of love and concern from people for a while, but eventually their lives went back to normal.  Hers never did.  She wanted to find some way to let people know she was the still a mother who had lost her child.

Hence the quilt.  You can read her story in several places, Penny Gold is one.  She finished her son's log cabin quilt eventually, with a distortion in it where she had only three blocks to go when he died.  And she continued creating similar quilts and scheduled a show titled "Loss" that hung in 2016 in IL.

Interestingly, the discussion about the quilt at QuiltCon was whether it was actually a quilt or an art piece.  The letters are made of an unconventional material, not a quilting material, and it is fused on rather than stitched on.  Penny herself was surprised it was juried into the show.

She decided to send it because in 2013 the QuiltCon Jury Committee had accepted a quilt that read "Fuck Cancer".

I can only imagine what the next QuiltCon has in store for us!  Registration is currently ongoing.

Want to come with me Patty?

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Baton Rouge Modern Guild Meeting

We shared some great quilts last night.  Not all were modern, but hopefully we are working on that.

One of my pet peeves is when there are more Traditional quilts at the meeting than there are Modern quilts.   There really needs to be a separation of modern and traditional, everything in its place.

When we started the Modern Guild we wanted to separate ourselves from traditional quilting found at the other 6 or so guilds in the area; we wanted a place for the Modern quilting ideas.

I happen to do quilting in both Modern and Traditional methods but share membership in both Modern and Traditional Guilds.  Sometimes the two lines cross, I do admit that.  And there are times when you can "modern up" a traditional pattern quite nicely.

It really concerns me that the Modern Guild is going to swing into the typical "Traditional with Some Modern Quilts" I see in all the other guilds now.

If the work that is being done by the members is anything indicative of the show and tell last night, this is exactly the way it is going.  And don't get me wrong, it was beautiful.  And most of the members share Modern roots with me and have done many Modern Quilts over the years  Perhaps there are new members who are unaware of what makes a Modern Quilt modern as opposed to traditional.  Maybe the answer is education.

I wonder how other modern guilds deal with this issue.

Anyone out there in a Modern Guild who has seen this phenomenon and worked through it?

I understand too, that the quilts themselves have changed over the few years Modern Quilting has been around and defined.  In the early days, it was easy to decide what was Modern and everything else was Traditional.
 But now there is no clear cut look to a Modern quilt. Right?

So how do we always know?  I guess we need to decide that through informative education and decision making.

And deciding what we are willing to look at as Modern, Traditional and Art Quilting.

Something to think about, since I personally saw both of these quilts at QuiltCon.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Big Party!

Yesterday was the Big Party Day.

I spent 5 days working on the house.  That schedule taped to my counter helped a lot.  I always knew where it was and could add things as they needed to be done. You always have last minute things you think of like the proverbial:

*%$(OMG! Why didn't I do that 3 DAYS ago?)*&%

It helped, it didn't completely erase those moments!

Diane, Carrie Jason Sawyer

One of which was the Fruit and Veggie Trays.  I ordered them from Albertson's and then I asked Frank to grab them when he went out for the ice on Saturday morning.  He comes back with a cereal bowl full of chopped fruit and a kid sized tray of carrots and broccoli with a tablespoon size of dip between them. 

Gary and Matt
Really?  This looks like a Veggie Tray to you?  So in order to allow my guest to have veggies if they wanted them, 
I resolved to only eat the brownies.  I made sure we had LOTS of brownies!

Matt and Sawyer
Other than that, things went really well.  I sat there thinking that these people will never get together like this again.  Rodney's Alzheimers is getting worse.  Ethan is starting his senior year
Karen, Michelle, Kenny

Gary, Carrie, Andrew

Kenny or my Dad (either way, same face)


 in Denver, Matt just finished his Plebe year at the Naval Academy.  My brother's kids are getting scattered - one in Kentucky and one in New Orleans.  

It was a good time we were together, talking about the things we used to do.  Grandma and Aunt Annie and how they watched all of us at one time or another.  

Matt and Sawyer
The young cousins got to meet their youngest Cousin Sawyer and the oldest Rodney got to take charge of my kitchen and do what he loves best:  be the Chief Cook and   Entertainer.  

Ethan and Lucas were off somewhere with video games and the dogs  They are getting two golden retriever pups on Sunday for Jason's workshop.  

I hope the Bassets modeled good dog behavior examples.

I don't know why I don't have a photo of Rodney.  He was really enjoying himself.  He spoke in his Cajun French and flirted with me when I was drying the dishes he was washing.  He was out there working the grill to help Frank with those Amazing Ribs, He had a great day!

And the dogs were perfect.  Well, once you get over the first 15 minutes of :


There was even one time when  the front door was wide open and people were leaving and DiNozzo was just standing there waving goodbye to everyone.  He didn't even step out!  

What a good dog I've raised!

What a Great Party I threw.

And despite the fear that I was hiding the number of people I had invited and that 30 people would really show up, Frank survived too.

I asked him, if you thought I was hiding people from you then why did you get such a tiny bowl of fruit?