Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hobo History - My Grandfather

I guess I could keep calling it Cheddar, but remember how I wanted to have some really wild and creative names?  Stephanie got me to thinking when she said she called blocks like the ones with the shirts Hobo blocks.  So I did some Hobo research.

Hobos are different from tramps and from bums.  Bums don't work or travel but they take from someone else.  Tramps are those who travel and seldom work .  Hobos are those who travel to work.  Hobos don't like bums or cities but they love trains  A Bridger is a Hobo who rides both steam and diesel locomotives.  In Britt Iowa there is a Hobo Convention every year where they name the Hobo King and Queen, which is quite an honor. 

Hoboes show respect for their dead by tapping their walking sticks on gravestones.When a Hobo dies, it is said they have "caught the Westbound".  Hobo graves are revered by others and they show respect by tapping their walking stick on the gravestone.

A hobo jungle is a place where hoboes camp.Hobos have a whole language that is portrayed by signs.  For example a cat sign says, "A kindhearted lady lives here."  The Hobo Creed says, "When no employment is available, make your own work by using your added talents at crafts."  Many Hobos have incredible skills at woodworking, jewelry making and other portable crafts.  They take the Creed very seriously.

Hoboes have their own creed, and they take it very seriously. Hobo is not a derogatory word.  Some Hobos are actually rich.  Adman owns a big ad agency in Chicago and rides the rails when he can.

When Hobos hitchhike it is called Rubber Tramping.  When Hobos get married both the bride and the groom carry rhubarb.  They toss the leaves into the fire because the leaves are the bitter parts.  It symbolizes letting go of the bad things.  That was pretty cool.

My grandfather was a hobo.  He was from Kansas, rode all over the US in trains, was a a true Jack of all trades.  His Hobo name was actually Jack of All Trades but his real name was Merle Lester, He also hitchhiked across the country at least once a year until he was in his 80s to visit his surviving family members. He could  fashion any part out of anything and fix whatever was broken.  He never had anything new but it always worked.  He and my grandmother traveled around the country working as wheat farm hands in Kansas, fruit pickers in Arizona, fix-it guys in New Jersey, dairy farmers in Florida, mechanics in California.  My grandmother was a flapper girl.  I would imagine she did some saloon girl work, she was very pretty.

When they settled down they were in their 40s and they had my mother.  My grandmother was a couture seamstress for the Mardi Gras Krewes and grandfather rebuilt old cars, worked throwing mail on the Illinois Central and took in teenage runaway boys.  He taught the boys how to fix cars and then talked them into going back to their families if he could.

I guess this quilt would be in his honor.  Thanks Stephanie, for reminding me of my Papa.  I so loved him.  I spent my first 6 years almost entirely with them.  My mother was preoccupied with having more babies, and she kept losing them.  So she was sickly most of the time  Every time she held me she broke out in horrible rashes.  When she had my brother they had what they really wanted -- a boy.  But my Ganny and Papa loved me with all their hearts!

Names.  OK.

Hobo Village
Hobo Lane
The Hobo Makes a Cheddar Cheese Sandwich
Mulligan Stew
Hobo Jack Takes the Westbound

I kinda like Hobo Jack Takes the Westbound.  My grandfather did ride the train from  New Orleans to Houston.

What do you think?

Don't forget to go back two posts and see my new invention.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cheddar Top Is Finished

And it feels so good!

Frank was watching the LSU play.  He says they have fairy dust that whoever is their coach throws on them in the halftime talk.  You can tell I am not a sports fan,  I can't think of the coach's name.

I was putting the finishing touches on the Cheddar quilt.

I finished sewing the rows together this afternoon.  After a visit to Carrabas and CC's for coffee, I
added a red inner border.  Then the final border.

And I am really impressed with myself for not having to rip out any blocks to make sure they were all going the same way!  I think that is a first as well. 

And I must have finally figured out how to do it, I think this so the first time ever in all my quilting years.....that a quilt came out mostly square!

I had to get Frank to hold it for the picture because it is too large for the design wall.  I can get it up there but it hides behind part of the table.  The cutting table that is pile high with junk and fabric!!!!

Oh well, I just have to keep quilting!!!

I think tomorrow I will work on Carrie's quilt that is on the frame.  I put one of the baby quilts on the frame because she wanted to play around with a lot of patterns and develop some skills.  But since before my surgery 9 weeks ago she has not touched it.

It wants to be quilted so I will oblige!!!!!

Sunset At Carrie's New House

We went to see the progress Thursday afternoon, late.  And this is what we saw.  Beautiful, just beautiful.  This s from her front yard, the house looks out over the pond there.

The house?  Oh, nope, no pictures!  LOL

Friday, August 29, 2014

Inventions I Came Across When Making the Cheddar Floating Squares

I completed the four squares to make the quilt not square.  I really hate square quilts for some reason.  I know there are some quilts that HAVE  to be square, but if I can help it, it won't be square!

And in the process, I remembered some important things about working with the tulle.

I used a pressing sheet to press the blocks so the tulle would not melt  I think I invented something really cool tonight.   I couldn't find my pressing sheet (of course), so I grabbed a piece of that interfacing that has no sticky on it.  The kind you put in collars.  Not light, not heavy, it must be like a medium weight.  The great thing about that was I could cut the piece to the size of the block.  Cool!  Try it.  I am sure you have some laying around like I did.  (If I had needed it, I would never have found it!)

And I realized that I used two layers of the tulle.  My tulle was actually a dark blue.  I think I must have chosen that on purpose, thinking that the blue would be a compliment of the cheddar yellow.

Yes, let's think that way.

If you want the measurements of my pieces, I can write that up for you.  There are more pieces than you think in this block.  Since I have already done the work, I can share it with you.

Over the weekend I can do that if you like.

So far I have the top three rows sewn but not together.   I wanted to be ale to move the plain blocks around, but I think I will leave them like they are.

Coming along!  Coming along!

Baby Quilt Necessary

A very dear couple friend has become grandparents!  Our daughters met at preschool.  Frank was President of the PTO (Parent/Teacher Organization).  And Renee was the Vice President.  One of the things  they did was to put globes in every classroom!  And become friends!

So they beat me in the Grandparent Race.  Last Wednesday Caroline delivered a healthy baby boy named William Donahue Kline.  They are over the top on the happiness scale.

And this baby needs a quilt!

So I made one in EQ.  I have decided on this one.  I will even out the top and the bottom and do the sides a bit differently.   But that is the basic plan.

The family is heavy into LSU football, Michael has had season tickets forever.  His momma, who is in her 90's is still attending them!  So this will be just perfect for little William!

I need to go pull some fabrics.........I probably don't have what I need despite having a room CRAMMED with fabric. 

Isn't that always the case?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

52 Photos - Gallery 17 - Recycled/Repurposed

Week 17 is the best yet!1  Right up my alley.  I just love going to Purple Cow and going through the bargains.  The best part of the store is way way in the back against the wall.  There they cull from the already low priced beauties and hang all kinds of clothing pieces on the 99 Cent Wall.  They call it the Red Cow (maybe it is the Blue Cow, I can't remember.)

I get overwhelmed by the 99 cent wonders!  Every time I go there I spend about $15-20 on stuff to bring home.  Wonderful stuff.  And the rule is that Frank gets to go through the men's shirts before I cut them up!  He used to be really paranoid about someone finding out he is wearing a 99 cent shirt, but when he finally got close enough to look at them, he found some really cool shirts.   We fight overr the really cool ones!

Once I get the finds home and washed, I cut them into pieces that can be used in my quilt making.

Here is one that I started 3 years ago and then put away in a box.  That often happens with quilters.  They are called UFOs, UnFinished Projects.  We get stuck, we get tired of a project or we get drawn away by a more alluring project.  And the poor little unfinished beauty lays forgotten in that box.  We all have them; some more than others.  I won't tell you how many I have but let's just say there are more than Obama has states.

I designed the center of the block to look like it was floating.  The shadow it casts is made from  black tulle.  It  was ingenious! 

On this cutie, I have four more of the centers on which to add the shadow and individual borders.  Then I can put them together and add some borders around the entire quilt.  Two, maybe three. 

Once I finish the quilt top, it will go on longarm frame where a back and some batting will be added and all the layers stitched together.  It will be finished when the binding is stitched around the edges to make them smooth and beautiful!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Soap Dispenser Update

It didn't make it through the nignt