Friday, October 31, 2014

OPAM for October

My One Project a Month took off this month!

Here are my finishes for October!

21. Lorax COMPLETED commission
22. Cows COMPLETED and gifted
23. Cabin Squares COMPLETED and gifted
24. Dogs COMPLETED and gifted
25. Lay of the Land COMPLETED Fiber Group
26. Amish Butterflies COMPLETED and gifted

Most of these had  only the  binding to do before they could be gifted, but I did complete the Lorax and Lay of the Land from beginning to end.  More of that in November.

I have one more commission quilt that is Seuss 2 that needs to be done by Sun day noon because the shower is Sunday at 3 pm and I would like to unveil the two quilts and the diaper bag at that fiesta.

 So I guess that will start off November with a BANG!!!!

Halloween Bike Ride!

For the last couple of years we have always done a Halloween Bike Ride.  So since I am back working on my riding muscles again, we headed out and rode about 5 miles!  Knee is getting better and better!

An I had on my orange Halloween Spider Web shirt!

I love the colors in the fields at this time of the year.  We have these yellow flowers on the road out the back of  our subdivision but by the time i got the camera together on the road out the parish had done its semi-annual bush hogging down that road and destroyed them.  But there were some left in the fields off the main road.  It is nice that the sidewalks got put in when they widened the road!

Just found what the yellow flowers are!  Yellow Leafcups.  they are a member of the Aster family, I would have given odds it was a sunflower type!   See it here Yellow Wildflowers

I can see several quilts from this group of photos!  See which ones you like best!
Cat tails in the sun

This is my favorite

Cat tails and yellow flowers

cat tails in the wind

Flower and barbed wire

Cat Tails

Great color in the field

Golden Rod

Tallow Tree Color

Yellow flowers close

Fence row

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Story of A Life

Have you ever sat in a CVS Pharmacy and sobbed?  Up until today, I had not either.   But listen..... you would have been right there with me!

I have a sore throat.  Had it for the last week.  No fever, no  congestion, no nothing, but some overly large tonsils.  With tonsils, you get either bacterial or viral tonsillitis.  With bacterial they give you antibiotics and with viral they don't because the medications will not work on viral stuff.

So if you are not in too much distress, wait it out.  After a week and two days, I got tired of being cautious when I ate, choosing soft foods that would not scratch on the way down..  So the doc gave me a prescription just because.  Of course the insurance for some reason decided that I didn't need it.  I spent the last two days  between the pharmacy and the insurance people totally exasperated just trying to get my prescription.  Well I won, and went to the drug store to pick it up after lunch.

I met this gentleman that made all this frustration totally worth what I went through so I could be at the same place he was today.  He was an amazing person and his story overwhelming.

He said that even Hollywood would not believe it.  He may have been right, but I would like to see them try to make it as moving as he told it to me.

His father was born in Germany, his mother in France.  They came to America and met and married.  He was accepted into medical school when he was 16.  They did that in those days.  He  was fluent in both French and German and of course American.

As World War II continued in Europe, and America opened its eyes and joined in, he had a deferment because of medical school.  But at some point the government cancelled all deferments and he was drafted and he left his childhood sweetheart to fight.  He served in General Patton's 3rd Army Command.  It was during this time he met a beautiful blonde German girl who brought eggs and pastries to the American men.  He, like all the men, was enamored by her. 

The war raged on and then came time to return to medical school and his love.  They married.  He found after being in the horrors of war, he had seen too much blood and death and he no longer wanted to have a life in it.  So he applied to engineering school.  After graduation he was hired by Kaiser and spent his career and marriage having children in the beautiful cities of Europe --  Paris, London, Stuttgart, Amsterdam, Moscow and into the capitals of Africa-- Cairo, Johannesburg, Kampala, Nairobi.  He retired and  they all moved to Baton Rouge.  There used to be a large Kaiser plant here, 30 years ago. 

But in Stuttgart he ran into the beautiful blonde German girl from the war.  He knew her instantly.  Paul and his wife socialized with Freda and her beaus all over Europe.  They were all good friends, but only good friends.  He knew he could not have taken it further; he was after all, just a man.

He retired and brought his family home to the US and the settled in Baton Rouge.  There used to be a huge Kaiser plant here 30 years ago.  The children married, had families of their own and had  grandchildren even.

There was never a day, he says, that the beautiful blonde German girl didn't walk across his mind.  He is quick to add, he was never unfaithful to his wife.  Ever.  

His wife had been diagnosed with lupus 20 years ago.  A the disease progressed she lost function in both of her kidneys and eventually her eyes.  He would carry her in his arms to dialysis, and carry her back to the car and in the house.   He sat with her and read her books from the greats of literature. He would gently put grandchildren, then great grandchildren into the bed next to her.   Three years ago she lost the will to fight. His wife of 64 years whispered to him, I am dying.  I want to go to hospice.

He took her. 

He sat with her for a week, holding her hand and reading to her so she could hear his voice.  then she  tells him, I will be gone in two days.  We need to talk.

She says, you are young and healthy still.  You must promise me to remarry.

Astounded, he says, but I am 90 years old.  Who would I marry?

Rita, she says.  You must find Rita again.  He is speechless.  How could she have know, he wonders.  But she knew.  She told him that every day he stayed with her, it was a gift to her.  And she knew the depth of his love for her.  But now he must go find the beautiful blonde German girl.

A month later, his sister called him to say that Rita was flying into the Baton Rouge Airport.  Did he want to pick her up or should she send a grandson.  Oh, he was shocked, but he was there when her plane landed at 9 PM. 

He told me that was the only he has ever lied to a woman.  He told her that the headlights on his car were not working well enough to drive to Mandeville to his sisters home.  They would have to stay in a hotel!  And they did1

Rita still lives in Germany, Paul in Baton Rouge.  They meet four times a year for 6 weeks.  They travel, they live and they love. 

It was such a joy to meet this man today.

Have you ever sat there in CVS Pharmacy and sobbed?  I spent half the time wiping tears from my eyes and the other half amazed at his words.  He really does need to tell his story to Hollywood.  It would not have fast action, wild effects or scary monsters devouring the earth.  But it would be the amazing story of one man's love, two women's love and the world of their lives.

Airbag Recall - Check Your Safety Potential

My CR-V is one of the 17 million vehicles recalled in the air bag thing. Our wonderful Honda service advisor has been with us since we bought the first Honda in 1998.  Frank's Accord was the 7th Honda and his two previous vehicles, the Odyssey

Vans both nearly hit 300,000 miles in the 5 years he had them.  Frank drives a lot!

Ervin called me a day after I checked the recall status on the 2006 CR-V and confirmed it was in the recall.  He said there was going to be a shortage of parts when the formal recall was sent out and I had the appointment for this morning.  He takes care of me!

So I got up at the freakin crack of dawn, caught a bear claw and cuppa Joe along the way and handed the keys to my friendly Honda Dealer . And he is throwing in an oil change!!! 

And he had it washed for me!

You really need to check the list I'd you haven't already.  It uses your VIN number to compare against a list of vehicles that had the Takada airbags installed.    This is my Public Service Announcement for the week!


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

52 Photos - Gallery 26 - Point the Camera Up and Shoot

For the 26th week of 52 photos, we are half way through the Photo Year.  I have had a photo or two (or three) every week except for the one I was in the hospital for the knee and the resulting infection the following week. 

This week Belle wants to point the camera up and shoot what it sees.  When I read those words I thought it would be fun to randomly look up during the week and see what I saw.  So here is the first half of my week, at any rate.  and you can see what others look up to see at:

Sunday the sky was glorious.  Frank and I sat on the back patio and listened to the birds and the locust and the leaves.  While the north of the country is in cold fall mode, in the southern Louisiana Fall we are unseasonably warm, even for us.  But with the highs that pass through, pushing any late hurricane fronts out to the ocean shipping lanes, we get deliriously low humidity.

By low, I mean five points either way of 40.  We do have certainly respectful limits here, ya know.  But with that low humidity comes very clear sparkling air.  And a dry, bright beauty surrounds us.  These are my trees that canopy our back patio. As you can see, we still have a lot of leaves on the trees, they have not started to fall as of yet. 

 When I looked up on Monday, sitting on the deck (we have a series of patios and a deck) I see these guys.  They are nurseries for mud daubber wasps.  Typically these wasps do not bother anyone unless you attempt to destroy their babies.  They spend their days getting mud, chewing it, then spitting it out in these caverns.  Then they catch bugs, spiders, flies and wall them up with the wasp eggs, giving them food while they are growing up to be big wasps. 

Today, when I pointed my camera up, over my sewing machine in the studio, this is what I see.  Here in the South we have central air, which doubles as heating when it gets cooler outside.  The duct (we do actually say duck) work is in the ceilings, not the floors as I have seen in other cities in the northern climes.  And yes, we mostly have duck tape here.  And we say, "should of" rather than "should have".

There is a similar one over my computer desk in the den.  I just noticed, after 29 1/2 years in this house, that we have four of these ducts in the den!

I am not as observant as I thought I was..........

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Air Bag Recall, McGee and a New Quilt -- Geez!

Well it looks like my CRV is involved in that airbag recall.  I talked to my Honda guy yesterday and he is ordering me a new air bag for both the  passenger and the driver side.  I will try not to get into an accident before then.      

So Frank was in Hattiesburg yesterday.  And while I was on the phone talking to him, telling him what good dogs we have and how they were behaving nicely, McGee was doing this.

I know, I know.  I should have worked on Seuss 2.  I know...... but I didn't.  Instead I did strip sets from my scraps for Feather Bed.

Sophie made me do it because she won't send me the one she made.

I thought I had ugly scraps, but they actually look pretty good here.  Maybe this will be a great quilt......even though Sophie won't send me hers and I have to make my own. 

I also realized that I need to make more of the left side pieces.  It is OK.  That what you see there didn't even begin to touch the scraps just on my cutting desk!  I have lots more!  For a king size you need like 17,576 more!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Dr. Pepper as a Fashion Statement

Carrie and Andrew moved into their new house this weekend.  I helped unpack boxes and boxes and boxes.  Andrew's mom, Fayne, cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.  We saw a lot of each other.  So I was surprised when she sat next to me at the eye doctor's this morning!  We had a pleasant conversation about the perils of the driveway at the new house!

I got a clean bill of health after my laser surgery last week and I headed to find some lunch.  I really didn't know what I wanted.  At the last minute before turning home, I settled upon Taco Bell.  their meals come with a LARGE drink.  An I filled it full of my favorite, Dr. Pepper.  As I was leaving, I went to refill my LARGE cup with more Dr. Pepper for the ride home.

Somehow.....not sure how.......the LARGE cup tipped over.  All over me.  From my waist down I was literally drenched in Dr. Pepper. 

And on the drive home, it began to dry.  Not only did I have to suffer the embarrassment of getting covered with Dr. Pepper, but now I am extremely sticky. 

All the way home I kept thinking, I like to wear my  Dr. Pepper!  I am going to clean myself up and work on Seuss 2 and see if I can get it on the Avante by tonight.

I am thinking that this afternoon I will try the spikey borders on the sides as well.