Wednesday, May 25, 2016

People entering the book drawing - listen up!

PLEASE make sure I can contact you if you win!

I will admit, I don't understand Google Plus one iota.  I have never been able to respond to anyone who shows up as Google Plus.

So you will meed to make sure you pay attention on Friday when I pull name out of a hat for the winner of Julie's wonderful book.

I am SOOOOO happy with the response!  I have one more post this week on that blog hop, tomorrow.  I want to clean up some of my new project, Cajun Camps before I show them.  I am not happy with one of the blocks and I think I can make two out of it.

I read a blog the other day and the blogger asked, has anyone found my mojo?  Well when you look for hers, mine might be with it.

Chloe being lazy in my flower bed......

Things I NEED to accomplish this month:

finish sewing binding and mail off Neice Graduation Quilt
quilt, bind and give - Jesse Graduation Quilt
Make cajun camp blocks for (ooooh) last week!
make, quilt, bind Batik Challenge quilt for june..........aughhhhhh!
make fiber art piece with a word on it somewhere.....ok, doable.

Do you think I am lazy this time of year?  You would think all this walking would give me great energy!

And I will tell you what........I have lost over 12 lbs, but I am DYING for a cheeseburger from Tiger Bait today.  Yesterday it was spinach and artichoke pasta.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Barn #2 - Build A Barn Book

OK, we spent Monday at the hospital, Carrie's second surgery.  Everything went well, so we are happy, but exhausted.

Back to barns.  NOTE:  If you are a no reply blogger, PLEASE make sure I have your email address if you win!  I will choose someone else to win if I can't contact you! 

Again, if you comment about barns on today's post you will get an entry into the drawing for your own Build A Barn book by Julie Sefton!  Can't beat that with a stick!

 Spend some time looking at my other barn.  I called it Crow Morning.  the impetus was the fabric with crows sitting on a fence.  I love that fabric!

I got it from my mom's stuff when we moved her from Laplace LA to the assisted living place here in Baton Rouge.  She was in the midst of Alzheimers Disease and she was not being cared for by Stan's kids.  And they were stealing her money by taking her to the bank and having her sign things over to them.

She no longer knew what was happening.  It was a traumatic move for both of us.

I am known as a fabric hoarder.......but that was one of the special pieces.  And I never wanted to use any of the "special" pieces.  I remember when she bought it and I loved it then.  We were at Hancock's in Metairie, LA at the time.

So when I put the second barn together, those crows begged to be included.  I gave in.

The process notes were from the Autumn section of the book.  I guess that is why the crows and the colors look like they do, sort of Autumn-y!

And again, strictly from my mind, I had no photos for this one either.  Although, it is a pretty simple barn, there was a lot of thought that went into the different parts of it.  Julie's book walks you through the process so you end up with a good barn.

These photos really showcase Chris'  quilting.  She took all of the barns, segmented pieces and styles, and gave each one individual treatment.  They would have been an amazing quilt all put together.  wouldn't they?

   I wanted to try  barn with one of those Barn Quilts on it!  Perfect, right?

The woodgrain fabric was the perfect match to the brick base on this barn. 
Julie was the one who had the tough job of deciding what fabric backings complimented the barn fronts.  Think of that task.  Knowing that all those quilts were made by somebody else and  YOU have to make the right choice!  LOL.  Somehow she did!

Did you know that the barn quilts are now touring the US attending AQS shows?  Yes!  How exciting is that!

I would love to be somewhere the whole of them are displayed.  If you happen to see it, send me a photo!

Comment for a chance to win the book on Friday.  Barns, talk about barns!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Himalayan Cat at CAAWS

This kitty, who we are calling Pat, was dumped about a month ago at the CAAWS shelter  Obviously a kitty who had a home but now is expected to fend for him/her self.

When we are able to catch Pat, we will vet him/her and Pat will be up for adption.

Definitely a pure breed of cat.

Anyone interested?

Barn Blog Hop AND A Giveaway

I am part of the Blog Hop for Julie Sefton's book Build A Barn.  And today is my day!  Actually, this is my WEEK!

If you build a real barn you do need a pattern of sorts, but you on these you just need an idea. Or a photo.  A photo helps a lot.

When I first came upon Julie she was working on her own barn quilt.  Before the book, before the idea, before the quilt show ribbons, it was just Julie working on her barns.  I was enthralled with the barns she was making and I began following her.  Every once in a while, I would ask if she was going to write  a book or do patterns.  She would always say, no.

I am so glad she finally changed her mind!

When she started writing the process work for the book, she asked several of her quilt friends (by then I had bugged her enough to be noticed!) to come together as the Secret Society of Barn Builders, affectionately called SSOBB.   And we had to keep it all a secret.  Ohhhhh.  Hard.

She would write and send us the notes  We made barns and proofed the notes.

Eventually, we all had barns.  And for some odd reason, I had two.  I thought we were supposed to do a barn for each of the process sessions she was sending.  Obviously I was mistaken because I was the ONLY one who ended up with TWO barns!


Julie walks you through step by step, which I am woefully inadequate at doing on my own.  But it did make it easier to build my barns in the long run.

It also helps to have a picture or sketch.  Most of the SSOBBs had great photos of barns.  We don't have many great barns here in the south, especially in the city.  So I just worked from my mind and what I thought a barn should be.

My barn grew starting from doors, to roofs, to fields of green.

Here I was testing the roof line.

Barns definitely need those windmills and a pond to water the cows who live inside.

This is the final product.  Julie's amazing quilter Chris quilted the 13 little barns for us.

Our barns are now traveling to AQS quilt shows across the US right now. 

Did I mention there was a giveaway?

If you leave a comment talking about a barn you have a picture of, either in your mind or your photos, I will give you one entry to the winner's circle and one of Julie's autographed books.

  I will announce the winner on on Friday.


If you stop in again this week and see the second barn I made, I will give you a SECOND entry!

And I have one more post for the Blog Hop this week where i will talk about other ways you can use the book.  Like my Cajun Camps.  You can get ANOTHER chance!

It is improvisation, you know!

Oh, and I expect all my friends to enter, I am watching you!!!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Off Loom Weaving

I made a HUGE mistake today.  I took an off loom weaving class today!

Now I want to give up,quilting and only do this forever.


Others in the class:

The Professionals:

Friday, May 20, 2016

Mesoscale Convective Vortex

We had was is called a Mesoscale Convective Vortex last night.  I had never heard of that so I looked it up. 

From Wikipedia "A mesoscale convective vortex (MCV) is a low-pressure center within a mesoscale covective system (MCS) that pulls winds into a circling pattern, or vortex. With a core only 30 to 60 miles wide and 1 to 3 miles  deep, an MCV is often overlooked in standard weather analysis.   But an MCV can take on a life of its own, persisting for up to 12 hours after its parent MCS has dissipated. This orphaned MCV will sometimes then become the seed of the next thunderstorm outbreak. An MCV that moves into tropical waters, such as the Gulf of Mexico, can serve as the nucleus for a tropical storm or hurricane."

The place we get our bikes serviced was nearly destroyed.  The roof was ripped open and a lot of he bikes were blown around and damaged.  And the place that makes Bengal Roach Spray had one of its walls blown in.  A friend said the latch on their wooden fence was blown off and they have never found the latch!

In our neighborhood, we saw lots of big tree branches downed when we were doing a mile walk with the Bad Basset Boys this morning.

My cable and phone and TV and computer came back on about 10:30 this morning.  And I immediately got 4 phone calls wanting to know if we were OK.  

I spent the morning working on my quilt block tree branches until the nice guy from AAA came to change out the tire on Frank's car.  But he did not leave me his key and my key for his car is in MY car.  Oye!

So I called Frank  We got the car open, then had problems getting the trunk open to get the spare.  Called Frank.  So got that open, and couldn't find the key for the lug nuts.

Called Frank.  Found the lug nut key. Geez.

Then i had to download all the stuff from his trunk.  Gears, crankshafts, drug testing kits, presentation folders.  How does he get all that into the trunk?

And Hey, do you think he has enough napkins in his glove box???????

Tornado alert

We had some bad bad weather last night. A tornado touched down about a mile from us. It was between our house and Carrie's house in shennondoah area 

The rain came down in sheets and the lights went out about 11:30 pm. The weather people had already taken over my jimmy Fallon show.  With it went my computer hookup and my home phone. 

Electricity came back within two hours but I am still without cable or phone  or TV.

Fun. NOT

Frank left about 10 am this morning. Off to somewhere. And he calls me about 10:15 and says, I had to take your car. Mine has a flat.

So I have no tv, no internet, no home phone and no car.  

I sure hope the guy from AAA is cute. 

I wrote a speech many years ago about an incident with black van and AAA. I will have to dig that up for you. It was pretty funny  AFTER it was over.  And of course Frank was out of town. 

Like the time the dog locked me out of the running car and the baby was inside. He was out of town for that one too.  

I do love me some AAA!!!.