Saturday, June 24, 2017

Green Thread

I spent all day removing the corner quilting on the last block in the Leaves quilt.  Or, that was what it felt like.  That was the quilt on the. Longarm when the flood came through the door and my life stopped.  The only color green I had was dark.  Once I got it on there, I didn't like it.  Just the corner was quilted, but the stitches are tight and difficult to remove.

By the time I got it all out,  y back was killing me.  Yesterday I ordered a magnified head gear that has a light like our hiking headlamps.  We shall see if it makes it easier to see the stitches.

I also ordered a high workbench sit stand seat that I s ergonomic and tilts from side to side so I don't have to constantly move it.  My bar stool i am using is the exact height I need.  But not so practical

Frank needed a wheelbarrow wheel so we went to the Lowes near the Joanns so I could get a better green thread for that one remaining block.

I didn't get a chance to use it because Frank wanted to head to Best Buy to get a Bose Sound Bar for the TV. We had a fabulous Bose Surround System in there before the flood.  He could turn it on and the TV would sound like you were at the movies!

The new systems are wireless and consists of just the sound bar under the TV, which is mounted on the wall, and a sub woofer.  I don't know what that is, but I like the woofer part.

No more speakers spread around the ceilings, although it pretty expensive, it sounds way better that the old system.

Tomorrow I plan on finishing that one block;  getting the quilt off the poles....finally.

And start putting the blocks together on Chuck/Jennifer Delectable Mountains so they can go ON the poles!  Man, I gotta find a better name for that quilt !!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Oliso Iron

Do any of you have an Oliso Iron?  When they first came out, a number people had problems with them.  Not sure what they are like


I think I need a new iron, mine does not seeem to be heating up enough since the flood.  Could be my imagaination, but when I go to the Quilt Haus the iron there seems to do bettr than mine.

Massdrop has the

Oliso TG1050 Smart Iron for $79.00 and amazon Prime haas it for $89.00

 Oliso® TG1050 SmartIron with Itouch® Technology




Thursday, June 22, 2017

Using the Color Tool

So I have lost 22.8 lbs so far.  Still have about 7 to go.  I bought a couple of things at the Purple Cow yesterday, smaller things.   But not as small as you would think......hmmm.

I wanted to show you this.  I used the Color Tool for the first time when I put together the colors for the Mountains quilt.  And I liked what happened.

The color tools consist of a number of these cards.  Basically you find where your fabric lies on the charts.

These are too golden but the next card is good. 

 On the back of the card there are the different ways to add colors that are pleasing and color theory tells us about the compliments and analogous and whatnot.

I had a full range in the oranges and orange reds.  I needed that zinger color.

And this shows it should be a purple. 

So i went hunting for some purples.  And found some.  I mixed that crazy color in with the oranges and orange reds and it looks amazing.

Yep, this stuff works.  Judy says she uses this to decide thread choices as well. 

Here is the fabric array.

and here is the quilt in pieces (still) on my design wall.

Looks great, doesn't it

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Triangles and Leaves

Cindy needs to go back and take Hurricane Lessons!  She turned out to be a dud, which is a good thing.  We didn't have anything like the weather people were prophesying.  (Is that a word?) In fact, we had just under an inch of rain so .8

As I said, this is all good.

My fiber group was cancelled, but we decided to meet anyway.  gosh these people are so creative.

I showed my 100 Meter Swim Meet quilt top today, even though the theme was "scent".  I pretended it was the chlorine in the pool, LOL.  BeBe had a fantastic perfume bottle she took a photo of, manipulated and printed on fabric.  she also had a piece that she printed at Spoonflower.  Tracy made some scented bracelets, Yvonne tested out some ways of finishing her piece and Judy found a UFO from a technique class 10 years ago that she finished up.

I have been working on the Leaves quilt on the long arm.  I had made the decision pre-flood to do the millions of tiny circles in the background.  Now, post-flood, I still have a million tiny circles to do.  I am thinking my decision was probably not the best decision.  But.....It is looking fabulous and I am getting really good at tiny circles!                                                                  

I pulled this from just before the flood.  I took one picture with the grey at the Quilt Haus and the one with beige is on my design wall.   Same quilt looks totally different.  Not sure which one I like better.

But I have a couple other things I need to work on before I have to make that decision.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

There's Got to Be a Quilt in That

Can you believe we are staring down the barrel of a tropical storm?  And rain?

I am as uneasy as a cat on a hot tin roof.

And so are a lot of people.  The parishes always set up sandbag stations and they can't keep sand at the stations.  Geez.  Landfall is expected Friday night just west of Baton Rouge.

My friend and CAAWS co-worker in Grand Isle is already evacuated.  But they get everything and get it first.
Can you believe this?  They are saying that we will only get 3-6 inches of rain, however it strengthened to 60mph 

Readjusting the Avante

I spent Saturday doing a good cleaning on the Avante and its frame and getting it ready to start working on the Leaves quilt.  Leaves was on the frame when the flood occurred.  The machine and poles moved to Paula's house to wait out the construction.  But the frame  itself stayed in my house, battling with the sheetrockers and the painters and the carpenters who all wanted to put their stuff on it.  Amazingly it is still pretty straight and true.

At some point I took the bobbin out to clean the bobbin race and realized my machine oil must have floated away.  So off to Central, La to the Quilt Corner. It was hard but I only bought the machine oil, no fabric came home with me.

I did get everything working, oiled and got several more blocks dome toward the finish.

Frank came home from his MUFON meeting about 3 pm, all excited about bringing Ricky to speak locally.  MUFON is the Mutual UnIdentified Flying Object Network.  It has been one of his passions for the last 20 years or so.

I am not so excited about it, so we don't talk much about his objects.  He enjoyed meeting a few new people.  The seminar about the historical aspects of Area 52. Yep, 52.

Don't ask me about it, I don't want to know.

Sunday the family came over for the Fathers Day meal of huge meatballs and spaghetti and sugar cookies.  Nope, didn't eat any of those delicious babies.  Wanted them though.

I gave Andrew some LSU socks and paired them with some baby LSU socks I found in those weird little store across town.

I gave Frank a travel book about National Parks since he lost so many of his.  And a membership for a local country club.  If he won't retire, I can still reap the benefits myself!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Mountain quilt

Geez, it needs a name, doesn't it.

I can't keep calling it Chuck and Jennifer's Mountain Quilt.  I thought about Titian Mountains.

Titian is pronounced "TIH shun".  It means a brownish shade of red as in auburn hair.

However, I am not sure that is too highfalutin for my truck driver friend!  It is certainly not what I think of when I think of Chuck!  Let me think on this name thing for a bit longer. It needs something simple and meaningful.

The 100 Meter Swim needs to take a back seat for a while.  I have to finish the quilt still on the frame from the flood, then quilt the Mountain one.  And finish it.  But I do have are you doing. Patty?  Hope you are making progress, too.

Frank is going to his MUFON meeting tomorrow so I have all day to work on my stuff.  I have to get something to cook for Fathers Day.  Carrie and Andrew are coming over.  I need to get one more thing for Andrew.  It will be his first FD!

More tomorrow.