Sunday, April 20, 2014

More Houses

Here is my collection of houses as of today for the Louisiana Traveling Quilt.  And I finally got some dates and a rotation for the quilt to travel  though Louisiana!

Aren't they darling?

I have a bunch of trees to add and about 7 or 8 more houses to make.  Then it starts its travels near the end of May.  I can also send some of my little 3 inch houses!   Remember them?

There are 10 off us in the group and each will get a chance to work on each quilt.

I can't wait to start getting the quilts in and working on that first one.

I went over to the Red Stick Shop today since they were having a sale on inventory so they wouldn't have to move it.  Not much of a sale though, but I did buy 2 pieces at 50% off because I finished the bolt.

Tomorrow we are going to Ashley's house for the Traditional Non-Sectarian Easter Brunch that is usually at Carrie's house.  I am surprised she didn't want to do it here......she is a strange child, I will say that with certainly.

I just sat here watcihg TV in the middle of the night.  I was flipping channels, nothing good is ever on.  And I found a show that was titled "Outrageous 911 Calls"  I laughed so hard.  It was so funny.  Real 911 calls.

One was a guy who was driving home after a long shift at some plant and he hits a deer.  He gets out and surveys the damage to his car, and seees the deer dead.  So he figures to capitalize on the situation and puts the deer into the back seat.  During the ride it wakes up!  And starts biting him on the back of the neck.  He can't get it out of his car and he is bleeding all over the place.  And now it is tearing up the back of his car. 

So he finds a phone booth and calls 911.  From out of nowhere there comes a dog who  has smelled the blood and the deer and starts biting the man on the phone.   Now he is being attacked by the dog!  He is beating the dog off wih a tree limb and the dog grab the limb and he is left defensless! 

The cops finally aarrive to save him.

Then a man called 911 to report an iintruder in the house while he is in the shhower.  He knows they have a gun and he needs help fast.  Turns out he broke into the house after the owner left for work and was taking a shower before stealing stuff.  And the owner came home becuase he forgot somenting.  They are both on the phone to 911 at the same time! 

There were several more, and I laughed so hard, now I am not  sleepy!.

Friday, April 18, 2014

I Played With Puppies Today!

Aren't you totally jealous?  you should be.

My friend is Lagniappe Borzoi and Silken Windhounds.  They have six pups and 10 big dogs.  If you want to see all her dogs, check out her web page at or click here

Here are some photos from the first time the pups got to play in the "big dog" yard.  For the first time they saw the fish pond with the koi, banana trees and the RV.

Let's just say, I was in Dog Heaven for the afternoon.

 Here is Beau Soliel and two of her pups.  BoSo is the #2 Borzoi in the country this year.

This is Bourre'e .  He is a Silken Windhound. A bit smaller than the Borzoi.
 This is  Bonfire - she is a Silken Windhound and she is watching.  Dee said Bonfire is the official watcher of everything.  They also call her The Termite.  She eats all the wood in the house.  Like door sills.  And tables.

 That is Frank petting one of the Borzoi pups.
 This was so funny.  It is a koi pond that is only about a foot deep.  Lots of young koi in it fascinated the pups.  Here are all 6 pups staring at the fish, who of course, rushed to the side to stare at the pups.

Here is Greg, fishing a pup out of the water after the inevitable fall into the pond.

And that is Brubeck walking in front of the photo.

Then of course, there is always one who doesn't learn the first time.

Here is Dee and some of her big dogs.  The Running Dog is Brubeck and he is the  #4 Borzoi in the country.

The dark dogs are Chicory and  Agave.  Could be Danser, I am not totally sure.
 Here is Beau Soliel and two of her pups.  She was telling them not to get into the pond, I think.
This  one was fascinated by the duck decoy.  By the end of our visit, all the pups had gone into the pond, and successfully gotten out by themselves.  that was an important lesson if they are to see ponds in the future.

And they were green with pond scum and black with Louisiana black soil!  What a mess.

 Here are some of the pups finding the banana trees.  They played tug of war with the banana stems.
Eventually they tuckered out and fell asleep in various places in the yard.

What a great day for their first day in the big dog yard!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Not All CAAWS Moments are Sad

I just got off the phone with the Dog Chair at CAAWS.  They are supposed to call Frank or me when there is an extraordinary expense.  And this one is quite extraordinary!

Julie, obviously laughing uncontrollably, had to work hard to get the words out.  She started by saying we had an emergency and was shipping a little dog to the vet.  Seems he had a penile mishap.

He was a short legged guy, and jumped over a short fence and didn't make it.

He had the dog shift girls quite upset with his predicament and they made the decision to head over to the vet to get him checked out.

By the time the call ended, I tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

Poor little guy.  I hope he gets better soon!  You know how men feel about their parts!

I wonder if Bassets worry about that?

Houses and the Evil Bead Lady

I worked on the Houses I want to present for the Louisiana Traveling Quilt.  It is coming down to the wire in getting them ready to send.  I got only one house and one tree done yesterday.  One tiny tree..........aughhhh!

As you can tell, or maybe not, I am trying for low volume.  Somewhat.  I guess that means no brights and wild colors.  We shall see.

And today I met Tracy for lunch and a trip to the Cajun Bead Store.  We had a great time with Lisette and her beads.  She admitted to stroking them when no one else was around.  I admitted to stroking my fabric and Tracy had knowing look on her face, but didn't admit to anything.

I decided I needed to do an undersea quilt so I  can add all the seaweed dangles on the edges.  And use the beautiful seaglass colors.

Then the Evil Lisette showed me a beaded rose and I just knew I needed to make a rosebush quilt with beaded roses all over it.  THEN..... she showed me some Southwest Kokopelli relics and I just knew I had to make one of those too!

Now I am going to have to restrict mmyself from the bead shop as well as the fabric shop and start counting my bead stash.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Monday, Tuesday, Wedneday?

Is it Wednesday already???  OMG!  Where is the time, where is the time?  I fell like Alice and the Rabbit who is saying, I am late, I am late, I am late for a very important date!  Of  course he is supposed to meet with the Queen of Hearts who keeps ordering her cards around yelling OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!

I have a few people I would like to Off Their Heads!  I keep getting phone calls for a Shawn Davis.  No idea who that is.  About his credit card.  They have my cell number and my home number. I got so frustrated yesterday, I was finally able to get a human on the phone.  Maybe they will stop now.  I sort of threatened them.........

Carrie and Andrew had some exciting news yesterday, but nothing that requires a quilt.  So don't jump to any conclusions.

First to Pilates then home to work on my Louisiana traveling quilt!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Finish to Report and the Week Ahead on the Design Wall Monday

KerBloom! is now finished.   I spent the last 2 hours and 40 minutes sewing the binding on.  I watched the Amazing Race and the Good Wife.  I love the Good Wife.  And nearly 3/4 the way through the Mentalist.

My standard Sunday Night Fare.

The great thing about finishing KerBloomm! is that I get to claim the quilt and the backing on both my next week's Stash Report AND my OPAM for April.  Which means I am at 14 completions for the year, and I am right on track for One Project A Month for the first quarter of 2014.  Yes!

My week's work will be to complete the quilting on the Star quilt, which needs a really dynamite   name.  I am doing ruler work which is slowing me down.  I should have done Meandering Stars and it would be done by now.  but I wanted to practice with my channel locks on the wheels.  If I would have realiz
ed that that only works on the four small corners and that all the stars require angled lines, I could have rethought the process and made a different choice.

See where I forgot to lock the rollers?  It made the quilt skew and the sewing line was skewed as well.

The other thing I wanted to get accomplished this week is to finish up Sunshine on the Water for the Fiber Group.  And I need to put the borders on the Machine Quilt and get that ready for the frame.  I already have the backing!

That will be a nice finish to report on my Stash Report as well!

Stash Report 4-13-14

I  busted the fabric store!

I needed a backing for the Star quilt so I could put it on the frame and finish it up.
I needed more of the grey green for the Tea Towel.
I needed all of the batik for the Mystery Quilt Challenge!

Almost 20 yards added.  Luckily, my numbers could support that.  And I made sure all of the fabric I bought had a purpose!  I hope it will all be so!

Here are the raw figures:


Used this week -0.5
Used this month -0.5 used this year -65.5
bought this week 19.875
bought this month 19.875 bought this year 41.875
plus or minus 19.375
plus or minus 19.375 plus or minus -23.625