Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Chloe's Lab Results

Finally got Chloe's lab results.

Not good.

Soft tissue sarcoma.  Stage 1.
At least it is Stage 1.

A sarcoma is different from a carcinoma.  Sarcoma results from cells in the fat, muscle, bone or connective tissues while carcinomas arise from epithelial cells like breast, brain or lung tissue.  Sarcomas are relatively rare in humans and animals, because the tissues that originate the cancers are not continuously dividing.

So that means it may not spread quickly.  And I have to admit that I have a 14 year old dog in a breed that has a life span of about 12 years.  Like I said before, she has always been a healthy dog.

And I also face the reality that extraordinary measures if this continues to grow would be to remove her leg.

And I won't do that to such an old dog.  The strain on her body and the lack of a rear leg would not be an option.

But right now......she is fine!  And we will continue with this mindset and continue walking and living like there is no tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

You have to see what Ms. Purple Boots wrote Click Here!

Do you recognize my quilt?  This is the back story on the quilt that the Ladies of the Secret Society of Barn Builders sent me when I needed a quilty hug from my friends!

I really do love the quilt, it brought me comfort  to know that these people heard me and really cared that much!

You can tell it is here in my house by the construction light and the fine furniture by my bedside!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Tour de House - Bedroom

Frank is working on putting screws into the butcher block in the kitchen.  It was very loose and would move if you pushed on it.  So it needed stabilization.  He wanted to put only two L-Brackets in, but I wanted four for safety reasons. So he is working on the last two now.  Of course!

After spending much time and gasoline in the last few weeks running around the city and walking around furniture stores, I decided on one set from each of 4 stores.  Online yesterday, I compared each set at Bassett with Ethan Allen and Pottery Barn with Olindes.

Then I put each set into a cart and checked out to the point of getting the delivery dates but not quite having to pay for them.

Bassett won!  (would you have thought otherwise?  LOL)

And when I went to the store to order, the shipping went down to $49 to flooded areas.  And in addition to the already discounted online price for President's Day, I got an additional percentage for being in a flood area.  Finally, something good about the flood!

So in 2 to 4 weeks I will have a chest of drawers and a bureau in my bedroom.

Best of all I will be able to put things away in drawers, like my drawers!  And put things on top of something.  That will be a treat.

 Back to the bedroom.

This is a Kleenex box that obviously dissed McGee in some way.  

I bought a fancy high-tech dog gate for the door.  I was done with the heavy white plastic gate that never hooked into the doorway and fell either on me or a dog.  This one attaches to the door using some sort of cup system and a single screw.  Maybe McGee will not be able to figure out how to open it!

This is where the bureau will go.  That is the TV an the door to the back yard.  The left side is going into the bathroom.  The room is littered with dog beds.  I bought three more beds so I didn't have to lug them back and forth from the front room to the back. 

This is where the chest of drawers will go.  That is the door to the hallway and the dog gate.

 This is the door to the bathroom and the door to the closet.  It shows the weird little inset that held a chest of drawers pre-flood.  I will search for the perfect piece to put into it.  It is out there....somewhere!   You may not be able to see them, but there are two modern lights in there as well.  They are a nice

And this is Frank's office at the present time!  He has some sort of elaborate filing system, I guess.  It looks pretty messy to me.  

In the last few months, Frank has had some really bad episodes of fighting at night in his sleep.  He lacks enough of the enzyme that paralyzes you as you sleep and dream, so he acts out his dreams.  And they are pretty wild.  One night he was fighting off a herd of kangaroos.

Last night he was dealing with elephants who were attacking and he was beating them with my teak shower bench!  He was yelling Elephants! Elephants! and freaking out the dogs!  So I had to move the beds apart since sometimes he hits or kicks me in the process of fighting all those animals.  I still get rattled by the screaming though.  It is no wonder I have panic attacks........

See my quilt?  That was a surprise from the ladies from the Secret Society of Barn Builders!  And I love it!

(Sorry, you can see my clean clothes waiting to be folded on Frank's bed.)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

See Some CAAWS Mystic Kreme of Mutts photos

there were dogs.....
A cat on a leash.....
Miniature horses......,
A couple of fainting goats.......they didn't go too far between faints!
Rabbits on leashes.........
A pot bellied pig
And lots of dogs.

CLick Here for the Newspaper article

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tour de House - Sewing Room and Office - what is the perfect cutting table?

On Wednesday we scored two really odd file cabinets for $60 total.  I wanted to use one for all the paperwork that goes along with quilt patterns, and there was a lot of wet paperwork stuff I tossed after the flood.

As it turns out, I can't use it for that.  It is very deep but has tiny drawers half as tall as a regular file drawer.  Not good for papers.  Paula says she will put fat quarters in hers. But I am not sure I can use mine.   And it takes up too much space to be in my studio without being usable.

The one that Frank wanted is wider than a legal file.  It is a huge cabinet.  We need to figure out how to get the metal pieces for the inside of the drawers so it can be usable.

When I looked up the company, I found it was very high end ergonomic furniture and filing systems.  The smaller cabinet was $595.00 alone!  So we got a great deal for $35!

I am thinking he can put compressor manuals in there again.  He had lots of compressor manuals from the early 70's on.  All were lost in the flood waters.  So sad.  A lifetime of work, gone in a night of rising water.

I have a meeting scheduled with a carpenter for Monday to talk about the sewing room build out. He said he wanted to see the space I was talking about and he would look at what it would take to do the work.

I went to Circa 1825 earlier today.  It is a market full of antique dealers and often has large pieces.  I was rewarded with this beauty.  It is a workbench from an old carpenters shop.  It would make a fabulous cutting table, it is the exact height I need it to be.  A new top was put on measuring 24 inches wide and 80 inches long.  I was hoping to have one made measuring 3 feet by about 5 or 6 feet.

So what is the perfect size for a cutting table?

Friday, February 17, 2017

Den/Kitchen Redux

I have to step back into the kitchen and the den again.  This is part of both of them, so I wasn't sure which one it went under.
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Look what I got on Thursday!!!!!

I need to get some mineral oil tomorrow and rub it in.  And Frank is going to put some screws in the underside to hold it in in case anyone decides to hang on the edge of it.

Boy, does it finish the rooms!  I think this really does look good from both the kitchen and the den. That was the idea when we removed that wall!

Here it is with the mineral oil rubbed in.  I don't know if you can see the difference but it is definitely a bit deeper and richer. The shades I am ordering are that exact color and texture.  Carrie uses beeswax as a sealer finisher for her stuff so I will get some of that this weekend.

Chloe is doing well, her incision is healing so the Boyz are not wanting to smell it all the time.  She wanted to be left alone so she snapped at DiNozzo so he steers clear of her now.

We are working on building out the huge 10 foot long closet in the sewing room.  I will have shelves in one half and a hanging rod in the other half.  We stopped when we decided we needed a few more pieces of wood to go further.  We have virtual lumber yard in our walkway, but not the right things it seems!

Tomorrow I will show you the front bedrooms which includes the sewing room.  And maybe a guest bath.  Tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tour de House - Den/ Living Room (Chloe update)

Note:  Chloe is doing much better today.  She walked around several times,  went outside to sun and ate lunch bones with the Boyz.  They leave her alone for the most part.  Her shaved butt is seriously funny, so DiNozzo looks at her, then at me and chuckles.
Now for our regularly scheduled look at the den.
G: Would you get me the tools from the den?
F:  OK. (Goes into the dog room and comes back with no tools) Didn't see any tools.
G:  They are in the den.
F:  OK.  (Goes into the kitchen and comes back with no tools .) Didn't see any tools.
G:  In the den!  In the box in the den.
F:  OK.  (Goes into the bedroom, then the foyer, then the sewing room. Each time he has to pass through the den, and by the tools.)

Frank, who loves to tick me off just to mess with me when I am in no mood for fun yet, says he had no idea that this was a den.  And really to his credit, it is our living room, but is in the middle of the house. When we bought the house it was touted as a Great Room.  We have always called it the den since a living room is generally more formal.  When I did the insurance inventory, I listed it as the den.....Frank!

The room is pretty great, weighing in at 25 x 27 feet.  I didn't realize how big it was until we got all the furniture out of there!  There is huge window that opens to the back yard and the patio.  When the weather is nice and the yard is full of green and promise, the window is a beautiful picture of our world.

But it also has a history.  It is the window through which I watched as the water rose and destroyed our lives.  I still see flashes of the water rising high against the goldfish pond.  I still see the water as it covered the grass and walkways and cars.

I have times when I walk into a room and have to stop and breathe because I see the water swirling around my ankles.  It is no wonder I have panic attacks.

Right now, this is the extent of the furniture in the den.These are the chairs we found on our carport after the water went down.  They floated in with the floodwaters.  We have been grateful for the mystery chairs since they are the only things we have to sit on.  The floor is  It  a ceramic tile that resembles wood.  It was there before the flood, and seems to be unharmed.  It really is a pretty floor.

The sofa, sofa tables and chairs are all on order.  I am guessing we still have another two weeks before they arrive.  We do, however, have a TV.  One here in the den and one in the bedroom.  Frank bought a 26 inch TV to replace a 19 inch one I had in the kitchen, but it is not hooked up to the cable yet.

This box serves as a table.  Like a sofa table.  I was drinking tea this afternoon and got up to let Chloe out when McGee knocked my cup to the floor.  It smashed to pieces.  One less cup!
Since I have nowhere to put anything, I have stuffed the surviving tchotchkes and wall hangings in the cabinets where they will come out and either get tossed or get placed somewhere.

I can tell you, at this point, I really don't care if I have "stuff" or not.  Right now, seems like not is better.