Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Crazy bloggerIi

i don't know why that oven photo posted.  It was supposed to be this one.

The bottom pic is of them scrubbing my floors, they can save all the ceramic tiles......saving about $25,000. Pays to buy good quality tile, thanks David at the Floor Store.

Apocalypse Done Come....And Gone

I have about decided that if the apocaplyse actually comes, we just need to shoot ourselves early and get it over with.  We would be so useless.

There is no way I can answer everyone who has posted,  I have no computer/internet/email.  I want everyone to know how much I appreciate every comment, every view, every phone call,  and people like Charlene (Geema's Wonderings) and Paula/Glen, Dee/Greg, Hunter.  The men and their wives from Archrock who spent the day tearing my house down, making us choose what to keep and what to let go of.  They all, all 14 of them, lost everything at least once in Katrina or Isaac or the last great flood.

My amazing daughter Carrie who has worked tirelessly every day to keep us together, focused, moving.  She saved us, she got us contractors, told us to make phone calls, to eat, to live.

I owe her our lives.

We had the electrician come and run a dedicated line from our power box for the house to the camper.  Temporary, but it keeps it from tripping anything inside the house and gives us steady power to the camper.  The house is now overloaded with 4 HUGE ass DE-humidifiers.  At one point we thought the AC in the camper had broken, but it was just a worker who unplugged us from the main.  Whew!  Don't need to live in the heat!  Man!

We are beginning to wear out our welcome at some places.  I need a place to bathe at least daily.  If we need to I guess we can do showers in the yard!  LOL - at least it is summer!

The triumph for today is that Frank didn't try to kill himself today, so that is looking up. His leg is looking good, his doctor appt is tomorrow morning.  Hoping to get good news there.  Staph is so scary, Ann nearly lost her leg a year ago.

The tragedy is the vacation I was so looking forward to, the Nova Scotia trip.  I can't leave with the house and life in such disarray.  It will be difficult to do in the final stages of construction.  Valerie, I will miss the Springy Things this year.  I promise we will come next year!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Gratitude.....and a New Kind of Hell

I texted Carrie to say I bought 6 humidifiers.  She totally panicked!  MOM!  You were supposed to boy DE-humidifiers!  Which is what I have actually purchased, so it was OK.

They worked all day and every few hours Frank would empty about a gallon of water from the tank.  Since most of the wallboard is out, the studs are releasing water.  And the furniture that is left.  My five precious pieces.

The work crew showed up about 9 am. The 10 men worked hard for hours and hour and hours.  They pulled nails left in the studs.  They gave me a hammer and I worked beside them.  We finished demolishing the rest of the Sheetrock.  Anything with wallpaper had to be totally taken out.  Frank and 5 men worked in the little garage, clearing out his tools and saws, nails and screws, sanders and wood.  Most all ruined.  What was not under water is rusted.  His lawnmower, blower, edger, power,washer, all gone under.

After lunch they began to sweep up dust and debris from the floors.  Carrie's friend Kim brought her cabinet rep and we talked of the future.  Kim's family are Katrina survivors.  She hugged me and said I would make it.  I believed her.

Andrew came to bring me a small vacuum for the camper.  We are tracing so much dirt in there.  Frank was helping the men carry out the huge 2 x 12 beams from the den when a beam shifted in Frank's grip and a 4 inch nail went through his forearm.

Off to the ER clinic.

We were seen quickly, but the doc was very concerned with the infection forming on several cuts on his leg.  Antibiotics are all the rage!

Later, showers at Paula and Glen's house, a wonderful dinner and homemade coffee ice cream.  We sat and relaxed a bit, talking with good friends.

Driving up in our driveway, we were hit with the overwhelming smell of gasoline.

What fresh hell is this?

One of the generators was leaking all over the carport and out into the driveway!  OMG!  Gasoline. Frank was freaking out.  I turned Macguyver. I called andrew to rush over and bring empty gas cans.  I knew we had just tossed out a non-chemical pump garden sprayer.  I dug in my darkened pile of debris where I thought I saw it last.  Miraculously, I found it quickly.

I grabbed one of the two kitchen knives I bought  at the dollar store yesterday for the camper.  Slicing off the hose, I tried to get Frank to get out of the fumes and into clear air.  Andrew arrived and was able to siphon 3 gallons from the 6 gallon tank.

We had been running the hose to dilute the dripping gasoline, but the whole area still reeks of gas.

Another crisis averted.  We didn't blow ourselves up yet.  Hopefully we didn't damage out lungs.

And I still have not seen my dogs.  We still have to figure how we will deal with getting them home.  I cannot even yet imagine how that will work for the next three months.  I cannot even imagine dealing with them.  I think this is the first time in my life I have ever said this.

I am THIS close to losing it, folks.  I swear ......  If I see a snake I am out of here.

Sunday madness

We  have started hearing from friends who were affected. Merilyn is 79 and still needing to work- 5 feet.  Theresa my hair genie - 2 1/2 feet living in an RV at the hardware store.  The stories go on and on.

Photos to follow.  Until I get the Internet I can't embed them

A family of rats tried to ride out the storm in my BBQ grill and didn't make it. It might have gotten saved but you know .....I probably wouldn't have eaten anything off it again

The blasted camper leaks when it rains, but hey, what is a little water?  We put a tarp over the roof section and hopefully it solves that.  COx came today said I had enough signal for a TV but not for Internet.  So we found the TV from the kitchen and it is balancing on the edge of a tiny ledge.  We have cable if we are not too exhausted to watch TV.

And we moved into a whole new realm when I had a breakdown at the Walmart grocery.  I wanted yogurt, no way to keep it cool.  I wanted codffee, no way to keep milk.  I wanted cereal, that milked thing again.  Decided we needed a fridge.  Called Glen to see if Chris still had my mother's we gave him after she died.  He built it into the bar, so Glen found a bargain one. At the Big Walmart.  So now I am stylin'  with yogurt and I can have cereal with coffee au lait.  Here's a great big thank you Glen,the hero who found my long arm pole  on the side of the road where my Freudian husband dropped it.  Do you really believe it just fell, or was it pushed?

Still working to get tools and stuff out of the house and garage.  Have not even gone to the shed yet.  Each day is a new challenge and a new triumph.  Today we got clothes back from two friends and believe it or not, we have TOO MANY clothes now!  I told Frank we need to choose 5 outfits and that is it!  I still only have two panties and bras. I went to the dollar store and bought a packet of 6 panties, but Lordy, I can't find them anywhere!

Mary, thank you for your very generous offer.  Paula has been washing clothes, quilts and fabric.  Charlene in Lafayette  took a truck bed full of water soaked fabric and containers full of above the water line but damp fabrics.

The Vietnamese guy, Kenny, who does our toes called me to see if we were OK. He had no water so the baby is safe!  I was worried about them. He said, come in and sit in his massage chair and I would feel better!

Paula made us meatball subs tonight.  Can't beat a good hot meal, in dry shoes any day! Today I got a hairbrush!  I felt like a new woman!

Remember Frank's tendency to kick and punch?  Sleeping in these smaller beds with him, I have been concerned so I chose to sleep on the outside of the bed rather than get caught against that wall.  He has been fine until last night.  He started kicking and slapping the bed!  I grabbed his arm and yelled for him to wake up. He stopped, I made him get out of bed and stand up! I was trying to make sure he was awake and out of that dream.  Can you imagine having the police come and I have a black eye?  That would be all I need!  I have told All our friends about him doing that so in case something does happen, they can verify my story down at central lock-up!  Book em, Dano!

I have some really awful stories, but these are best saved for another day. I couldn't deal with the telling.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday -Part Deaux

maybe some photos, Carrie  dumped my photos so i am not sure what I have on the phone sti or have access to at all.  Julie brought us a ton of turkey tetrizima, salad and chocolate chip cookies  at mid afternoon, the kids from the middle school came to offer Popsicles. The private schools have to do a projects and project hours. That was right made for them!

Can you believe I have GAINED 2 lbs???  That whole flood thing is just not worth losing 2 lbs for.  Frank is losing so much that he needs a belt and all his are wet and mouldy.  I found him a cute girly one in the top of  my closet and he was perfectly happy making do.  He wanted a belt and he got one!

Like the people living in those,tiny houses.  Well I am fixing to live in a tiny house with three bassets.

I can spend some time creating a safe place for them.  And then bring them home. Paula sled ,e today if I knew how the dogs are doing ?  I told her honestly I have not thought about them since I dropped them off.

So many people have asked how to help. Do not.....do not donate to the mega large animal funds,Mao much of your dollar,is,eaten up in administrative salaries.  Donate to local shelters and people. And consider CAAWS.  We are going into shelters to find what people need to care for thei pet and helping the,  food, water, leash, medical,attention.  We did it for Katrina Paws, we raised $40.000 for all this and feeding stations in the ninth ward for three years,


Please help, I have heard the stories, and we need to help these animals.  We get food and vaccines at cost, we get Med at cost, we get donations of food supplies and animal,supplies.

A baby deer wandered in and got taken in at Lamar Dixon.  They love him!p
And I guarantee you that the dollars you donate go to animals or animal related things like the vets and supplies.  We will also help the flooded shelter as we can.

No one at caaws takes a salary.  They offered me some of the food, but it is better donated to those who truly need it.  My boys will never go hungry, although McGee may look it!

Saturday - Part First

i am so sorry for all the gibberish yesterday.  Having to run off LTE and not internet is a huge deal when it comes to flexibility in writing.  I will be more conscious of that before it freezes and I am unable to see the whole post.

14 of Frank's co-workers demolished my house.  They all are Katrina survivors who lost everything. They knew.  They knew what to do to the house, what to do with the stuff, how to take apart a wall, what to save, what NOT to save.  And when to just let me cry.  They listened to the things I told them about the pieces I touched, they knew that was an important part of letting it go.  They knew what was in my soul and in my empty heart.  And they knew exactly what I was feeling.

Today was the "screw it, chuck it" mindset.  Keep in mind, we have been married for 44 years,    lived in this house for 32 and had Carrie for 31. So when I tell you that I unloaded a wheelbarrow full of blue jeans I no longer fit into from my closet, you may understand.  I have had the opportunity to accumulate stuff.  And I put a high value on stuff.  I know it is only stuff, but by god, it is MY stuff.  Well, now, my stuff is in the street, wet because it rained again this afternoon.  Sigh, and yes, there was a bit of my throat that did close up a bit.

When they left, the Sheetrock and insulation were gone form all exterior walls, interior walls were cut at four ft from the floor, and there were no appliance anywhere.  In fact the only salvageable items were my kitchen sink, my stove hood and my gas cooktop.

In fact, I only own 5, count em,5pieces of furniture.  I need to write Ethan Allan and tell them of all my furniture only the Ethan Allen pices looked like all they need now is a coat of linseed oil.  The rest died a wet death.  We saved to buy each one of those tables. Carries Bedroom was a beautiful Ethan Allen honey comb bed,  so worth it into yet another generation.

We'd Aug 16, 2016

I don't know why the posts are backwards and it is difficult just to do anything these days.  So please check out the next post which is Friday photos and the long arm story

So today we started taKing out the furniture that was ruined, clothes that no longe were in love with (or fit in), and books that are swollen with water,  or your jewelry cases that open and falla
Apart in your hands.  And the fabric.

My antiques that came from Germany with the Potthaust family in the 1820's sitting by the curb, warped and falling apart.  I couldn't keep it together for one moe fe elation.  Carrie has one larg oppose of it , for that I am glad.

I will be just as glas when the inspector and adjuster come and write the check. But I am hearing some not so optimistic stories of past experiences.  Frank and I will come out with a better house, but it will be not like that for so many.

It is being estimated that only 12% of the flooded holes had flood insurance.

I am going to leave you with som photos from my day.

So today Frank spalashed water in his eye and we spent half the night running between after hours clinics and drug stores to get,drops,  while I was there I got my tetanus shots but he widens need one yet,m which May throw him into full blown tetanus tomorrow.  He disappears from the store.  They paged hi,. I looked in the car, I walked the store,2758 times, nothing.  But this time the truck was there, I knew he hadn't left me yet.  I tried phoning him but phones were dead.  Text, nope undeliverable.  Now I had all the employees running all over the store until they found him, arts ding outside, in front of the door all hot and bothered that I hadn't checked out yet .

I talked to my cross the street neighbor, Liz.  Her hubby was out of town in Mississippi.  Alone, She has to escape out of the bathroom window,with her small bag with the next doors neighbhors cat.  And in her one bag she brought a red sock and a green sock like it was going to be Christmas.  And a pair of bedroom slippers but no panties or shoes.  I said why the slippers, I wonder? She shook her head.

Or,the RN at the doc in the box whe spent the day today holding scared animals in her lap down at the shelter.