Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pieces Hanging in CFAL

These are my two pieces I will have hanging in the CFAL exhibit

Art of Fiber II: Personal Journeys

which will hang at the Louisiana State Archives Building on Essen Lane in Baton Rouge from March 3-27, 2015.  

The Artist's Reception will be on March 7, 2015 from 2 to 4 PM.  I invite you all to come along and see the most fabulous art in Louisiana!

From One Show To Another

My next show for the year is going to be hung on Monday. It will be at the Louisiana State Archives Building on Essen Lane.  The Contemporary Fiber Artists Of Louisiana (CFAL) is putting it together on Monday.

This time my Hibiscus and the Iguana will hang.  I seriously need to creat more art for these shows!!!!

I am at lunch with hubby so when I get home I will post some photos.

The Artists Reception is next week, come on out and see the show!

Friday, February 27, 2015

QuiltCon Refund

When I got home today and went through my emails, I had a refund for the Dye Class.  I was very surprised.

I did make a complaint with the registration people, but I expected them to call or email me to discuss and apologize.

They did all that but included a refund.

I want to make it clear I did not ask for or expect a refund.  I liked the class, not the venue.

I asked that they rescind the refund, I took the class and expect to pay for it.

Now, if they want to refund me for that stupid lecture where she marketed her book and her mother.........

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Best of QuiltCon

I have some other things to add to the down side of QuiltCon but I wanted to include some good and great things first.

I knew there would not be 5 days worth of vendors or show quilts to keep me busy so I wanted to take classes from some people we don't have around Louisiana.  It was very smart.  The best one of the whole show was Compositional Drawing with Krista Withers. 

It was a 3 hour workshop in the Conference Center upstairs.  No homeless to stop me here!  Krista spent most of the time on the floor with us gathered around.  Of course she is a 20 something with good knees still!  And I loved the long sweater she had on, it was so me!

She was giving of her information without referring us to any book to purchase.  I have to admire that.  It was clear that others were interested in selling their books and patterns so they would give constant references to the books so you would have the purchase to get the information you needed to fully understand what they were talking about.

She was encouraging even though she was presenting a totally different way of looking at a quilt for the quilting designs.  I felt excited as she made it seem easy.

There was adequate time for us to play with the design framework, which was lacking in the other class I had.  Not the dyeing class, we had a lot of time to play as it was an all day workshop!  And the experience we gained with the practice made it something we could go home and do ourselves.

So that covers the two workshops I took.  Dyeing with Kim Messmer and Quilting with Krista Withers.

The other workshop I had was supposed to be Backfills with Lisa Sipes.  And that was the material list I brought.  What I had when I got to the Center that day was Getting It Straight with Cristy Fincher.  Her claim to fame was that she was the daughter of Sharon Shambler.  Nice for her, but she and her mother made a ton of money on the workshop by charging everyone $30 for a 20 x 20 piece of muslin with batting. 

She then proceeded to show us how to sew a straight line with a mid arm sit down machine.  Something I don't have and will not get anytime soon.  I can do straight line very well thank you.

I was not given a chance to refuse this workshop which cost me $149.00.  The worst part about it was that I had to explain to and teach the person I shared the machine with everything since she had only been sewing for 3 months!

Why was she even in the  class?  Maybe like me she was thrown in there from a beginner sewing class.  She certainly did not come from the Backfills class, huh?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

52 Photos - Week 43 - Black and White

Ahh!  Something to give me a break from QuiltCon!  I love BW Photos!  They are so edgy and wonderful.  They make me feel like a such a photo snob!

 It can even make a bad bad dog look sweet!  Yes, here is one of my Bad Basset Boyz in BW.  This photo looks much better then the original.  Because the distracting colors of the quilts in the background are not stealing the show, you see the sleepy boy as the focus.  I like him when he is sleeping! 

Now this photo is interesting.  It is a subject I have given you before, the Louisiana State Capital Building in downtown Baton Rouge, LA.  I love the mist that shrouds the top of the building.  On the original photo it is largely grey and white, so the big change is the brilliant colors of the azaleas along the walkway.  It is a shame to take the color away from them!  These are a deep pink with dark green leaves.

But it does make an interesting composition.

  I left this one in its original state.  When Frank turned 60 Carrie and I gave him a surprise birthday party.  He had no idea!  That was so much fun.

So many of our friends came to celebrate with us.

The center of attention was this wall created by my Interior Designer daughter.  (She is so smart!)  Photographs from our entire lives were collaged on a wall in her beautiful home.    People were fascinated with the photos, all in black and white.

We had such a time talking about this one or that one.  Sharing with our friends who were in the photos.  It was a fabulous way to bring back so many wonderful memories.

And after it was over she gave them all to Frank.

Dye Workshop at QuiltCon (read all the way through or just check out the last piece)

I have to say I enjoyed the teacher Kim Messener in spite of the location and situation.  She has a book, of course, but she did not leave you hanging with information that could only come from the book.  She was very personable and easy to understand.  She interacted with each student in the class, pointing out fun designs or adding a suggestion to achieve something interesting in relation to what you already had started.  That gave credibility to your own work in the class, making you feel like you were on the right path.
Tracy folded squares
I can say she valued the work her students were doing.

My beef is certainly not with Kim.  It was with the idea that you could use such a venue for a class.  So I guess that is with the Programs Committee of QuiltCon proper.  I can understand that the committee members may not be totally familiar with the city, but when I was putting on a conference there were 3 of us who would go to the venue and walk every step we were going to ask our attendees walk. 

And if they did not, why did the Convention Center tell them not to put a workshop in this location?  Or that they would need to have security there for their participants.

Joyce folded triangles
What am I talking about? 

The Austin Convention Center is in the 200 range of 2nd Street.  The workshop was offsite in the 600 range of 9th Street.  So you are looking at a good hike of 10 blocks.  This was not indicated on the prospectus.   There were some people who had trouble walking that distance.  My knee was letting me know  it was aware the ups and downs of the street.  The walking was actually not a problem for me, however.  It was the multilevel work area we had.  The patio had a double height step up to the hanging area and then again to the tables on which we were working. 

The venue as a dive bar.  Yep.  Filthy.  Alcohol soaked, filthy graffiti laced, overflowing sewerage bathroom that you might expect to find in a dive bar.  The bathroom was not available until 2:00 in the afternoon of an all day workshop.

This guys work was fabulous
But that is not the worst part even.  To get there, you had to walk through TWO, not one but two homeless shelters.  When I walked through them, alone, coming from the convention center, I had to walk through a gauntlet of, "hey, lady, do you have a dollar for me?"  The sidewalks reeked of urine even though they were within feet of the Salvation Army Shelter or the center
in the church.  I guess it was better than last conference when the class was in the basement of that church in among the homeless!!

I don't know what to say.  I cannot imagine how this would have been considered
Here is my multifolded piece
safe to have 25 women walk alone to the venue.  At the very least we should have been asked to meet at the convention center and walk TOGETHER in a group to the venue.  

It was an experience I survived without incident.  But it was very uncomfortable to be in the middle of this part of town with no warning.  You cannot take guns or mace with you on a plane, so I am sure it was apparent that none of these women had any personal protection.  And in the defense of the show I did not hear of any incidents with anyone.  As far as I know there was just this one workshop offsite so a minimal number of maybe 75 were affected. 

However on the other side, I was physically able to walk the distance but not to run away or fight it I had to.  That made me feel uncomfortable with the situation because of my personal physical limitations.  I am sure anyone who is an expert in martial arts and 25 years old would not have felt the same same concerns.  But I can say with certainty that Frank would not have been comfortable walking through this area of town. 

The most very best wonderful part of the workshop was this poor girl who unfolded her clamped fabric to find these wonderful body parts!

She was mortified!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Flying home

i am in the Austin airport flying home in this horrible weather.  At least I will stay South, Patty the Quilt Lady has to fly North.  So far the flights are running, however those originating from Dallas all have been cancelled.  Luckily ours are still flying, at least on the first leg!

I really have some things to say about QuiltCon.  And not all are going to be complimentary.  So if you are totally in love with it and don't want to hear my evaluation, cover your ears.  Don't get me wrong, there was a lot good.  Some beautiful quilts, some great teachers.  But there were some really negative things as well.

I saw a lot of quilts that really should not have hung in a quilt show.  There was one that was so off kilter that I would not have shown it to my guild.  And here it was, hanging in a juried show.  There were a lot of quilts by the big names in Modern Quilting.  They each had multiple quilts in the show.  There were also lots of quilts for those who had books out.  If someone had made a quilt from those big name books, it hung.  The uniqueness was missing in many of the quilts.  The same one I have seen over and over again won best this, or best that.  I could tell you the name and you could tell me what they won, it was that predictable.

If you attended a lecture it cost $15 prepaid through your registration.  And they changed them willy billy so you might not be on the one on your initial registration.  The first two I had were such poor speakers that I could barely stand to listen to the uhs and ups and you knows.  It was creative exercises to enhance quilt design.  Interesting?  You bet.  She talked about herself and how she got started and how her mother got started.  I took page was blank except for the word IDEAS.  45 minutes about her and not one exercise....creative or otherwise.

But then again, I may have expected too much.  I will tell you about my dye workshop later.  It deserves its own full post!  Oye!  We were lucky to not have been mugged.