Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Let me tell you about John.....

Our incredible financial advisor is an amazing human being.  His story is shared in todays newspaper.  I knew some of it, and I have met the two men he is mentoring.  But I didn't know the whole story.

The parts he talks about in the article below makes me understand why he does what he does.  And his life shows that you can turn around your own problems if you want to make yourself and your life better.

I am grateful to be in this man's life.  He is, like I said, an amazing human being.

John Neyland article

Thanks For The Offer, Lynne!

It would be wonderful to take a shower at your house with Millie supervising!

I may not need to drive over there thoug.

CAAWS was participating in a leadership recruitment event through LANO (Louisiana Nonprofit Organizations).  We were speed dating a  group of people who want to serve on boards such as ours.  It is a way to help fill in our needy spots and get a new perspective and ideas.

As I was feeding the dogs early to head over to  the event, Richard from the cabinet people called.  He needed to make a template for the butcher block top.  All he needed was 10 minutes, he said.  I said come on.

He showed me a picture of the beautiful piece of wood they created.  I am excited about it finally coming in to be installed.  Another piece in the kitchen that will be finished.

He left, dogs were fed.

I am walking out to my car and up drives Shaun from Attaboy Plumbers.  I weigh the desire to shower with the need for my presence at the CAAWS event........

It might be possible to do both.  I let the plumber guys in, corral Chloe into the back yard.  She was not happy, she wanted to supervise.  Gave them instructions not to let Chloe out the front door and and don't let the boys out of crates.

And I escorted them to the shower.  When they left, they reinstated Chloe to her soft dog bed perch, she got some happy time with the plumbers while the boys were miserable, I am sure.

But I am happy to inform you........I have a shower!

No glass enclosure or shower curtain, but that didn't stop me from taking a shower in the corner of the huge shower with all the jets facing the wall!!!!!

I felt like I was standing in the middle of a huge field in the middle of a warm rainstorm!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Tile and Lights

 Actually the Twins did three things today.

One twin got one wall of my backsplash mostly done.  Carrie is all freaked out that I didn't continue the tile to the end of the black counter top.  I am fine with it ending where the bottom cabinets end underneath.  She should just be happy they weren't 1 inch tiles...........

One twin put up the two pendant lights over the island.

Then he and Tony added a plug near the peninsula so when I have the Big Party I can put the crock pot there with those little weenies swimming in grape jam.

One of my recent purchases was this teak shower stool.  It is beautiful.  I can now go sit in my shower.  But I still can't get wet.


I called Shaun the Plumber to come add the fixtures to the shower.  I didn't find out until today that Jay was not going to do it.  Seems like  he would have told me that last week.......right?


Still no shower.

I wonder how many days I can go without taking one in the camper again......


We are so close to finishing, I wanted to make sure the guys knew how much I appreciated their work for the last 5 months.  So I got them all Lowes gift cards!  They were happily stunned.

I also gave them Burger King cards so they could have lunch on me!

Today they will put the fixtures in the shower and tile my backsplash.

I am happy today again!  And I am going to miss them when they don't come anymore

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Highly Visible Work

No construction guys but Hunter and Frank got a lot of highly visible work done today.

Fan over where the long arm will be.

Love it!  I didn't purposely choose it this way, but it looks similar to the can lights I had Jay install.  So when the whole set o 5 lights are one (or off for that matter)  it has a cohesive look to it.

Getting gas to the burners.

Hunter hooked up the gas for the stove!  I can cook now!  Boy that was exciting when I heard that Click Click Click of the electronic ignition........and saw the burner light!  I love my stove.  It is the old one.  I guess I should have gotten it all new, but it is something from the old house.

Light in the foyer.

I chose a huge heavy reclaimed glass.  It was beautiful but visually had no weight.  It was all beautiful old glass.   And it was HUGE!  So I found this smaller light.  And I  really like it so much better in there.  The metal of the fixture gives it a presence in the room.  The circular shape makes it very interesting! I  love it too!

And they put the fixtures in Frank's sink.

That means all my sinks are in now.  Frank will love that!

BUT..........i really shouldn't whine about this.......BUT........I still don't have a shower!  I still have to shower this weekend in the camper!  YUCK!

I requested a handle on the cabinet that holds the garbage can.  McGee can no longer get into my garbage!  Yes, I do love that!

This bank of drawers will have some interesting knobs.  I ordered them from India.  When I chose these to go into the kitchen, I immediately thought of Quilt Diva Julie Of Me and My Quilts and The Barn Quilt Book because she loves polka dots!  Julie, these are for you!

I have more for the drawer banks in both bathrooms.  

A few volunteers and I were packing up the office at CAAWS for the start of construction there.  This old table was in the corner.  Paula says it is a 1940-1950s bread table.  I loaded it into the truck thinking could build it out as a cutting table.

But when I got home, frank shocked me by wanting to use it as a computer desk in his office.  He loves it.......go figure!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

I wish I was in Alaska...........

The rain was supposed to be really bad today.  I spent the day in the camper with the dogs babysitting the storm terrified McGee.  It turned out not to be lightening storms and he was actually doing well.  I hated being back in that camper.

I was laying in the bed watching the Alaskan Bush People ride around Alaska in The Integrity.  Suddenly I noticed the mattress was wet.  The stupid trailer was leaking even though half of it is covered in plastic sheeting and tarps.  Of course there was no man around the house anywhere and  I had to climb on the ladder and poke at the tarps.  Not that it did any good, I couldn't tell where the leak was happening anyway.

You will love this.  I ordered two of the bedside lamps from Ikea like we had before the flood.  They came today in this huge box.  The Fedex guy had to rearrange half the truck to get it off.  And it was nearly four feet tall.  Here are the two lamps within the box.  Really?

The advancements for today are very dramatic.  Check it out.

The master bathroom mirrors are wired into the wall and light up.

The cabinet over the fridge was put in place.  It makes the kitchen look complete.  I was not going to put that side wall up, but Carrie kept badgering me about doing it.  Now I am really glad I asked them to do it.

yes, that is McGee in the trash.

The top half of the half door into the sewing room is up.  Odd they did the top first, but maybe that is a carpenter thing.

The cabinets are in place beside the fireplace.  The ones on the other side are just like these.  I will have to take a photo of the whole room when the long arm is moved out of the way. 

Then they wired the electricity for the electronic ignition on the stove.  If I can find the grates, I can put the stove on.  Oh, no, wait.  Hunter has to put the gas connection back together.

The plug for the microwave is in as well.  It is finished now, but i don't have the final photo.  The microwave will actually go where all that stuff is in the cubby hole there.  The area the plug is in is actually a cabinet with doors.  In this photo the doors are open.  The microwave is at a convenient shoulder level.

This is one of the doors for the fireplace cabinets.  It was coming apart at the join and they are gluing it back together.  Sigh...........

This is my mirror in the master bath.  The other one was Frank's.  the mirrors are wonderful lighting for makeup or hair fixing.  I highly recommend them.  The first time I saw one was in a hotel in Colorado.  Definitely high end hotel.  It was for Jason's wedding last year.

And for the first time today, I blew my hair dry and straight ironed it in front of my own mirror, in my own bathroom.

However, I washed it in the kitchen sink...............sigh.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Expanding Work

Even though the crew comes and works daily now, it seems that the work keeps piling up.

The Twins were here working on electrical stuff.  Like finishing hanging the mirrors and making them light.  Oh, yes!

They put up the cabinet in the master bath!  With that weird turntable.  I will have to get a photo of that tomorrow.

We ran into a problem with the overhead lighting in the bathroom.  It is just to big for the space.  I need to return them and find a somewhat smaller light.  Now I have to find the invoice and figure out where they came from!

And we addressed the pendants in the kitchen over the island, deciding what height to place them.

I decided I liked the kitchen pendants, a lot.

When Frank came home it was his opportunity to go to State Lumber and pick up the final group of crown moulding that will finish out the kitchen cabinets, the master bath and the fireplace cabinets.

Oh yes.....they put up part of the fireplace cabinets.

I offered the Twins brownies from Little Debbie and I think I inspired them to finish the house.  They want to come at 7 am tomorrow.  I said COME ON BUDDIES, COME ON!

I used the Instant Pot and made our first meal in the house.  Stew.  Simple, because I have no cook stove yet.  Rice was precooked in a packet.

Sneaky Spice, there is nothing like French Thyme and open electrical outlets, is there?  LOL

I used a healthy amount of cheap red wine in place of beef broth.  May have improved it, I am thinking.

This is the extent of my silverware.  Four for a dollar at the Dollar General!  I have a new set in the garage buried under some tools.

Now frank and I are heading to Lowes to get the final group of outlets and  covers and hopeful to get the handles for the kitchen cabinets.

I need 62 of those suckers.............

Dogs were very good today.  All lined up in beds outside while the guys worked inside.