Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fledging Day

At least two of the babies are fledging today.  I don't know what has happened to the third baby.  I was going to look at the nest this morning, and lo and behold!  There was a baby on to of the nest bush.  It wasn't until later I saw the second one inside the bush but away from  the nest.

Dad found a worm and came to the nest bush to feed Baby #2 still hidden from my camera.  

The Baby #1 sat there for a long time, while mom and dad flew around.  I guess they were encouraging it to take the flight.  When it finally did, I was not prepared for that.  My camera had just gone into shut down mode!

Baby #1 flew over the fence and into  the crepe myrtle.  Immediately a blue jay showed up!  Wow!

Mom and dad went into battle mode!  They drove that jay off with a flurry of wings and actual body hits.  I never saw where the baby had flown to.

I also saw mom fly to to the wooden fence where she could see Baby #2 still in the nest bush and see Baby #1 in the tree.

The jay is now aware the babies are there.  He has flown into the patio where Baby #2 is still sitting in the nest bush.  Momma drove him away this time.

I guess the Blue Jays kill the new cardinal babies.  Classic battle of red and blue.  Mom is in the nest bush now feeding Baby #2 again.  I am sure it is harder now that the fledglings have split up into different trees.  I wonder if they will come back to the nest tonight?

I wondered about that third baby.  Remember he was not as responsive as the rest when I would look at  the nest?  I expected to see a dead thing in the nest, but when I held the camera up to snap the photo, it showed an empty nest!  I hope that means they all were able to make it!  If so, I imagine the one still in bush is that third last baby.  And the fact the parents are still feeding it is a good thing.

I am glad the babies are out of the nest.  They took the next step in life, and it was a huge one.

Maybe next year I will see one of the babies here raising a nest full of grandchildren!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Translating German

I fell in love with Bernadette Mayr's quilts when I ran across her book Modern Nature Inspired Quilts. 

This is her only book that is in English translation.   At the exact time of the flood I was working on a white batik and taupe solid quilt with snow and intricate trees.  I had one whole tree completed.  No idea where that is now.

The Swimming Pool is her design as well.  I will finish that up after I get back from North Carolina. 

Then I saw the Goldfish.  I emailed her to see if that book was translated into English.  It was an amazing book.  But alas, it was not.

She graciously sent me a copy of the pages of instructions, in German!  She also sent me a handmade card and some post cards with images of her quilts.  Including the one I was working on, Winter Wonderland, and

So I talked to my friend who is a PhD in Language Studies and speaks fluent German.  She is at a dog show this weekend in Houston, but I am having a go at it with a translator app.

German is an interesting language.  After I got the cadence going, I could figure out some words.  Like wasser, is water.  So I guess people who are named Wasserman might have been fisherman or boatmen at one time. 

After a while wasser sort of looks like water.  Now it was seerosenblatter that threw me.  Turns out it is waterlily.  Blatter is leaf, so if you know that it makes sense.  Then there were some really great words.....like quiltgarn for thread.  Don't you just love that?  Even better....mitteldickes means batting.  Gotta use that one in the quilt guild.

Of course the name of the quilt is Goldfischteich.  You can work that one out yourself.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cotton Robin Reveal

Please click on the above link to see the Big Reveal from this year's Cotton Robin.

This day is like Christmas to me!  It is always so exciting.  I worked on Sophie's quilt, and the two Terry/Terri's quilts.

All were vastly different, all needed specific design attention and all were challenging to create.

A big thanks goes out to Julie for keeping it all going. And bigger yet, for keeping me in the fun this year by creating a block for me when I had no sewing room!  My Modern Robin people unveiled their little quilts last week, but didn't include me this year.  I guess they just didn't love me as much! 

My Cotton Robin quilt arrived yesterday.  You can see my house, perched on the edge of the rising water.   But notice it does come back to being a house again......

In other news,

I finished the top for the Diamond Dogs.  And am auditioning borders.  I
wasn't going to put borders on it, but it does need some to keep the triangles in check.

I sent off an Eagles t-shirt I found for Patty the Quilt Lady.   But first I cut off the sleeves, I lusted after those sleeves!  I doodled quilting designs on the back of her package.  Maybe I should have included the three mandarins for her in there too!

She uses Rock t-shirts to make quilts for the Akron Art show she enters every year.  Her heavily hand worked quilts have made quite a name for themselves and she has been invited to participate several other venues with them.  If you have any rock band t-shirts you want to get rid of, I will make sure they will get to her. 

The cardinal chicks are growing fast.  I am afraid one may not make it though.  When you look in, only two raise their heads and those are the ones the parents will feed.  The third chick doesn't look smaller though, so maybe it is getting food.

Not to be connected to the birds above, but I made Chicken and Dumplings in the InstaPot last night.  OMG........Amazing.  And easy.  

And I got mail from Germany!  I will tell you about it tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tribute to Val Guthrie From Our Southbound Swissy Club

It is with a deep and heartfelt sadness that we will have to say“Goodbye” to our dear friend and long-standing club member, Val Guthrie.  

Because so many have asked, I will include just some brief details.  Val was admitted to the hospital on Thursday with severe anemia and enlarged spleen and diagnosed Friday with an aggressive form of Leukemia (Acute Monocytic Leukemia).  During her hospitalization she suffered an event that caused severe brain damage and she was placed and is still on life support.  She will be moved to Emory Hospice where she can be visited by her Swissy, Ripken.  Her family and close friends will be with her throughout the day to say their goodbyes.  Plans are to remove life support Saturday at noon, but this could change depending on the family’s wishes. 

For many of us, it is hard to process the loss of someonewho was full of life and had what seemed to be many years ahead.  It was so sudden and so unexpected.  I know I keep wanting to pick up the phone and call her, as I have done many times, to chat about plans for Swissypaloozaor the Perry show.  She was always there.  Gosh, I miss her already.

For those of you that don’t know her well, Val is, what we call in the dog training world, a “softie”. She wanted nothing more than to please. If someone complained or seemed unhappy with her contribution, she would shut down.  If she was encouraged or received praise, she would work her heart out and shine brightly.  She said to me many, many times, “I just want for everyone to be happy and to get along.”

She took pleasure in finding just the right solution and loved to call me up and let me know.  For example, she was so proud (and rightly so) of the 5-year member cratetags.  Some of the things were small, butthey were big to her because she put so much thought into it.  All she needed was a little confirmation or a pat on the back.  

Val’s contributions to Southbound were immense and the hugegap she is leaving will be hard to fill. She joined the club in 2003 after obtaining her first Swissy, GCH NobleFarms Alpine Avalanche, CGC, TDI, TT, “Boulder”, and from the day she joined,she was making contributions in some form or another.  “Just tell me what you want me to do.”, she would say. 

Val didn’t necessarily like to make the decisions or be in charge, but would do just about anything you asked of her.  At the time of this post, she is Club Secretary, Membership and Communications Chair and Club Liaison to the Peach-Blossom Cluster Show Committee. She is also the coordinator for the Meet the Breed event at the OrlandoNational Championship.  She was coordinating the weight pulls for the upcoming Swissypalooza and was collaborating with me on the building of our weight pull cart and probably involved in a number of other things that I can’t even recall.

In Val’s Letter of Intent for the most recent SouthboundElection, she wrote: “Finally, I would like to share that I was welcomed with open arms at my very first Southbound event (Funday 2003) and have never looked back. Southbound has been a huge part of my life for the last 13 years and through this club and its members I have made friendships that will last a lifetime.”

It’s the last part that stings.  Her lifetime will be way too short.  One can only hope that she will join Molly and Boulder in the ever after and they will somehow send us that short message on her car tag… ”BAROO”, to let us know they are okay.

Love you Val,
Melissa Jarrie

lSouthbound President

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Fabric Usage in Three Quilts

For the Mountains quilt I used:

10 yards including the back and the binding

For the Twin Girl and Twin Boy Quilts I used:

8 yards total including backing and bindings for both quilts.

So far this year, completed quilts have used 29 yards.  And I still have not set up a spreadsheet to use to track it. 

Oh, how I hate change..........

Twin Boy Triangles Done

I am baby sitting and he is sleeping.  So I thought I would get some binding done.  I was able to get one whole Boy Twin quilt finished!  Thank goodness for sleepy swings!

And I was able to do a photo shoot through Carrie's beautiful house.

My Heart Is Empty Today

we lost a great friend and an amazing dog person this week.  I am not sure what happened.  It seemed to be sudden.

Val was on the Board of Southbound Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club with me for a lot of years.  She was one of those people who would do whatever you needed done.  And do it with a smile.  She had such energy and such love for these great dogs.  I don't ever remember seeing her without a huge dog like Boulder or Tide standing beside her.

I don't know if I even have any of my old photos left since the flood, I will need to find some of them and post about her and the dogs.

I am sad.  She was so young in her 40s.  Val was such a wonderful friend and a plain downright good person.

Godspeed, my friend.