Monday, September 22, 2014

The Lorax Revisited

I had left the Lorax hanging in my quilt studio on the design wall.  I guess I was still not totally happy with the way it was looking.  I would go in there and move something around and gaze at it semi-critically.

Today I decided I needed to even up the sashing strips.  So I spent the afternoon ripping out the middle parts of both rows.  I had to even it up.  Then another strip of blue and white poofy things found a home. 

I do like it better.  I am having a hard time dealing with the fact that the blocks are so tall compared to the width of it all.  And the next set are even taller by an inch!

I began to draw up some sketches for the next set of blocks.  I want to do a random set with some other blocks tossed in to make it interesting.  And I have to figure out how to "boy" it up.

I think they have chosen the name Atticus.  I am hearing a lot of unusual names in the recent years.  I guess Brittany, Tiffany and Aiden are getting too common  now-a-days!

I like it better so far.  But maybe it needs a blue puffy thing border all the way around just before the black stop border..........

A little Giveaway

Over at A Quilting Reader's Garden Angie is having a giveaway.  And she is giving away a quilt!

  She is celebrating her 1001st post!  I have 1806 posts.  I had to go look.  Amazing. They do add up over the months and you don't even realize it!

I suggest you click HERE and check out her work.  She does the Block Lotto with me over there with Sophie.  And applique. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Banned Book Challenge Piece

I had so much fun looking through the list of banned and challenged books that it was hard to make a decision.    But Clockwork Orange kept sticking in my mind.  We had seen it years ago, maybe even when we were dating.  We also saw a movie around the same time called Z.

The only thing i an remember about either movie was a scene where they kept repeating the same explosion of this house.  And the close up was the refrigerator.  And it had this huge fish in it that flew through the air ----  over and over and over and over again!

Frank had fallen asleep.  And I guess what makes the scene so  memorable is the scream he let out when the sound system exploded with sound.  Yep, pretty memorable!

I really don't remember what the Clockwork Orange movie was like, but when I read the synopsis of the book, I was not really sure I  had even seen the movie.  I really don't remember it at all.

What i did find interesting was that it was challenged in England but when the movie got to America it was rated X.  So when I constructed the Challenge piece, I added a big X across the front.  Can you see it?  Frank says he cannot. 

And to be really radical, I used polyester for the X!  Everything else is cotton.

I wa looking around for something to use for the back.  I really didn't want to cut a chunk of a piece of yardage so I dug around in my orphan block box.  And to be even more radical, i chose one that had no orange in it at all!

I am glad we live in a free society, where we can read what we want.  And on the other side, we can challenge what we think should be culled.  I am glad that those who want to change what I can do or  say do not have the ultimate authority over me. 

Yes, challenge what you want, but I don't have to adhere to your rules! 

Mattresses and a Stash Report

Two Miracles!  Mattress and Fabric Usage!  Is the world going to end? 

The delivery truck arrived 10 minutes after they called on Saturday morning and said they were 10 minutes away.  One of the men was a supervisor at the warehouse.  He said that he had seen my name for the last month, on and off the delivery schedule. 

Yes, I knew that....very well!

When he walked in to move the box spring, he turned to me and asked if that is what we had been sleeping on.  Yes, I confirmed, i told  him about having many many many many quilts and the genius sleeping bag idea.  He exclaimed, "That ain't right, we should have brought this when it first came in last week!"

Yes, I agreed!

He also said he would so his very best to make sure that that bed came in and gets to us on Tuesday.  

Yes, I agreed!

But it was like heaven to sleep on that mattress last night! My body sunk deep into the space age foam, my arm didn't  go to sleep under the pillow, and my knee even felt less stiff waking up this morning.  All I need now are vibrations!

Tuesday.  Yes, Tuesday.

For the stash report, I used 1 1/2 yards of fabric in the tote bags, not counting the canvas drop cloths in there.   And I  added in the football quilt for William.  And the solids I added to the Lorax. 

Not great, but not bad for getting back into the swing of things. 

I need to work on the Banned Book piece today.

Here is where things stand.........darned quilt shop that closed.  I would be over another hundred yards down if they had not put their inventory on sale.......just sayin!

Used this week -9.5
Used this month -9.5 used this year -101
bought this week 2.66
bought this month 2.66 bought this year 179.66
plus or minus -6.84
plus or minus -6.84 plus or minus 78.66

Saturday, September 20, 2014

I Might Just Sleep on a Bed Tonight!

cartoon bed Cartoon BedI called the mattress guy on Friday to see if they had gotten the bed base and could deliver on Saturday.  Nope, base still has not come in.

I calmly asked him to transfer me to a supervisor.  Not the store manager, but the next up supervisor.  I wanted to cancel my order with the supervisor.  He assured me that he could call me back shortly and have a number for me.

Five minutes later, on the phone he tells me they can deliver the mattresses on Saturday and when the base comes in during the week, they would come out and deliver and assemble everything.
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.jpg
Yes!  Around 10 AM this morning I will at least have a MATTRESS!  Yea! 

I am going to work on the Lorax for a bit while I wait.  And the Banned Book Challenge.  I keep changing what I want do.  There are so many good ones!  I want to be a real radical!

We went to the Farmer's Market and scored some beautiful tomatoes.  I am sending some to Fayne......don't let Carrie forget to give them to you!  No, really, they are very friendly!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lorax Design Frustrations

Don't get me wrong, I love this part of quilting.  I have a basic idea and I tweak it as I go.

I cut the block centers from the panel section.  I also cut 2 1/2 inch strips and used them to mock up a view of what it would look like when it was together.  Wow!  Overwhelming!  All the color and patterns really were fighting.

I needed some calm places to rest!  So I pulled some solids and added them into the mix.  It worked well to pull things together.

Once I got the blocks together and where i wanted them to live, I started working to add some width the the quilt top.  the two strips of blue and white got added in.

Then came the matter of the borders.  I tried a number of combinations but always, too busy, too much.

I pulled my go to  So I am testing a black stop border and

deciding what color the outer borders should be.

I still have enough of all the fabrics to use  as borders.

So........what do you think?

What else could I add?

What colors need to come in?

Is black too harsh?

Frank likes it.  And surprisingly, he likes the mish-mash of colors and patterns.  I guess I am more ordered than I thought!

The Lorax Quilt

I am starting on the Lorax quilt.  She sent me a ton of Dr. Seuss fabric's to use.  Her intention was to have one quilt.  But she sent me two of the book panels, each from a different book.  So I had the brilliant idea to make her two quilts.  It would certainly surprise her!

If the colors had been similar it would have been more rational for me to fit them into one quilt.  But one is a lighter value than the other.  One is The Lorax and the other is Oh! The Places You Will Go!  The book panels are a bit different in size as well.  I can adjust with no problem but I wonder why they do that!

My personal favorite is Green Eggs and Ham closely followed by One Fish, Two Fish.  I think my all time favorite kid's book is Are You My Mother?  Carrie loved the Sesame Street books and I think we read Grover's Bad Awful Day a million times!  Did I mention that Carrie was going to grow up and marry either Burt or Ernie?  I think she ended up with a little of both!  LOL

I don't think I will need more fabrics, but if I do I can add from my solids stash.  I also  bought some Dr Seuss fabrics to make her some pillow cases.  Her mom, who is my friend, loves SpongeBob so i also got some SpongeBob fabrics for some pillows that can be kept at grandma's house!  That will surprise them as well!

I have one quilt easily mapped out.  But I want to use an irregular grid for the second quilt.   I am having difficulty laying it out in EQ so I am going to have to resort to the graph paper.  I think, though, it will go together like most of my quilts -- making a block to fit here and another to fit there!

 That is the fun part of designing these babies!