Thursday, July 28, 2016

Death In the Family

Yes, quite an intimate one at that.  My coffeemaker.

Well, it was much more than a coffee maker, it made cappuccino.  And the steamed milk to go with it.  It was 12 or so years old.

And it still works, sort of.  I don't want to give it up.  I want it to keep on working.

But the aggravation came to a point where I finally accepted Frank's offer of a Keurig.  2.0 so it is the latest and greatest.

I have to say, even my coffee connoisseur friend Michael now owns a Keurig.

It just LOOKS more important, doesn't it?

But it is totally plastic.  It makes an OK cup of coffee, but people, it's plastic!

Baptist Fan Longarm Ruler

I am looking for a longarm ruler to quilt Baptist Fans.

This is what it looks like, well my rendition anyway.

Of course, it is .25 inches thick which is necessary so it cannot slip  under the hopping foot.

I can find it at Top Anchor Quilting Supplies, but I wanted to see if anyone here had one they no longer wanted.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I think you need a laugh.....albeit a creepy one

Click here to see the Creepy Sewing Machine Ads..........

Yes, do.

Prepare to be weirded out though.  

Click on the link to see our dog tub

Since it won't let me cut and paste the photos you have to click on it.

Petedge Dog Wash Stainless Steel Tub

I think this is the one we ordered.  I don'thave the paperwork but if it is not exactly the one, it is very close to what it will look like.

We have a grid to put in the bottom to raise little dogs up higher.  Big dogs can just walk into the tub area.  It will have a hose and faucet set up as well.

And a shelf on the top to hold shampoos and brushes.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Just so you will stop worrying about it, we got delivery of the dog wash this morning!

I am so excited!  Initial steps, one at a time!

Step 1 - get a truck to come........

Step 2 - Upright the box that fell over.........I said, it was glass and the driver panicked........

Step 3 - figure out where to put it, put it there and hope it is not  in the way....cause it ain't moving again!

Step 4 -  make sure it looks like what you ordered.....trick is x-ray eyes!

Step 5 - sigh of relief!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Grand Re-Opening of the Quilt Corner in Central

Paula and I tripped over to Central this morning for the Grand Re-Opening.  It might sound far,  but it really is not too far.  While it is not really "central" it is sort of on the "edge" of Baton Rouge.

The Quilt Corner moved across the wide parking lot to larger digs.  Tall ceilings and no walls made  the space feel HUGH!

The Mayor of Central and the Central Chamber of Commerce came to the Ribbon Cutting.   Margaret Chair, the owner, has the huge scissors and my friend Joni is running the cash register!

I didn't win anything, I got 10% off 3 fat quarters, perused some really nice fabric and spun the wheel  to win a postcard something or other.  I chose to leave it for others to take.

While I was fondling fabric, I talked to a quilting friend whose son was a policeman in Florida.  He and Deputy Brad Garafola grew up together and began their careers together at the East Baton Rouge Parish Deputy's office.  He was here to mourn his friend.

The third of the funerals was today.  Once again, the city shut down in stages as the procession moved through the neighborhoods Officer Montrell Jackson patrolled.  All three processions passed by what they are calling "End of Watch", the place where they were killed on Airline Hwy.

Tonight, over 70 restaurants will donated 25-30% of their sales to the Fallen Officers Fund and the officer's families to help them with costs.

There is still one officer fighting for his life, he was shot in the head and chest, I think he is still in a coma.  But I am not sure if it is medical or otherwise.

So sad.........what a waste of great men.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Finishes for July

I finished two quilts and added hanging sleeves to two others for the show.

So I logged in finishes number 9 and 10 for the year.  Not as prolific as I would like to be but blame that on life.

I hope to finish up more in the next few months.