Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bad Bad Dog and a Clean Clean Corner

I am better today.  My face looks zombie-fied though.

I had chocolate zucchini muffins for breakfast.  Now they are gone.......gone........gone.

McGee had the rest of them (9 to be exact) for lunch today.   McGee somehow pulled the bag down, I think he had help from the "big" dog.  DiNozzo is well known for his ability to reach stuff on the countertops. 

They were good while they lasted.

And I got it into my head yesterday that I needed a bookcase bedside table.  The corner of my bedroom (on my side, not Frank's) is a mess.  So I looked online and decided to visit some stores today before I ordered online.

I was at Hobby Lobby for and ink pad when i looked up and saw this beauty at 30% off!

I wish i would have taken a before photo for you  to see what a fabulous, amazing, HUGE job I did.

Those pillow go on my bed and will eventually have a set of quilts to match them.  Eventually.....

And then I looked for a place to put the filing cabinet I had been using as my bedside table for the last 8 years. It was my place for all my Toastmaster stuff.  I was in Toastmasters for 22 years and had achieved every possible award and certification.  And I chaired 8 conferences, and so many Officer Training.  I was over 3 states and loved every minute!

But I tossed 4 recycle bin containers of paperwork.  Part of a past life now.

And I found $16 in the bottom of a drawer!  So I made money!

I need to find a new home for this baby.

And do you see the place the filing cabinet is?  I got in there and cleaned out about 7 boxes of stuff.  I was surprised to see that one thing was a tote bag full of Toastmaster stuff and another was a box full of stuff from when I was President of Sassi Strippers Guild!

That is how long that stuff has been sitting there.  

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Swimmy Things

I have been sitting on the sofa, vegetating today.  I am actually nursing my wounds.

( I did cook dinner and made chocolate zucchini muffins, vacuumed the back of the house -well Roomba did.)

My wounds?

I had a dermatologist appointment this morning.  He burned off a million skin tags that bug me for one reason or another. 

That hurts!

And now, 7 hours later, it STILL hurts.

I would imagine that tomorrow I will look like a goth chick whose Dave Navarro-look alike boyfriend burns her with cigarettes.

I will, however, offer you updated photos of the fishes of of my fountain.

Here is Moby


                                                                     Here is Ahab.

Here they are together, just swimming around the old homestead........

Monday, May 2, 2016

Stash Report

Oh, Lordy, I like lost a day.

Must have been the UFO convention.

So I have a stash report].  But that is all, because have to be down at the vet to meet with my other vet cousin this morning after my Diet Group meets.  (Four pounds this week!)

I have nothing to declare as going out, but I did have that wayward purchase of 11 yards of that winter batik....

Here is how I stand as of April 30.

Used this week 0.00 Used this month 0.00 Used this year -84.00
Bought this week 11.00 Bought this month 11.00 Bought this year 31.00
Plus or minus 11.00 Plus or minus 11.00 Plus or minus -53.00

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Rain, Rain Go Away

Yesterday while we were at lunch with Patsy and Stacy the sky was pouring forth!  We had 2 1/2 inches of rain in about half an hour.  My fish fountain filled up pretty quickly with that amount of downpour.  When it slows down today I need to download some water. 

Last night it rained again, and now again this morning.  I can't get to my rain gauge right now, but I am thinking it is going to be over 2 inches again.

It  looks like it is right about 2 inches.

Of course, McGee is hunkered down in the laundry room with blankets piled over him.  I didn't get a chance to give him a pill before it was storming since it started before I awoke.

My Med Diet group I am leading has lost a total of 16.5 lbs.  We will do the inches lost tomorrow.  Last week it was an average of 2.5 inches per person total.  That is a bit over 3 lbs per person for the last week.  This week my presentation is on metabolism but I might just switch it out for the one on how to eat in a restaurant.

Now that my house is clean for the visiting UFO-ologists, I hope to have some time to get into the sewing room today.  Or at least do some handwork on the Big Hexagon.  I still have two oranges for April.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

UFOs - The Other Kind

I thought you might enjoy this.

Frank's cousin and her daughter spent the day with us.  She is looking for a dog after her beloved dog of 9 year died recently.  So of course she drove in from Mandeville/Slidell to see if she could find a friend at CAAWS.

from blisstree
And she did, there are two strong possibilities, but one is going for spay surgery this week or next when we get a spot open. 

Well, they are UFO experts. 

And not the kind quilters have, they collect stories for the documentation of Unidentified Flying Objects from outer space.

Yes, my friends, it was an interesting afternoon.

My suggestion to you is to not go to Mandeville anytime soon.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

New Fabric -- Yes, I Bought Fabric

My jaw is better today.  Still need a light painkiller, I am thinking it is pretty bruised up.  I am nearly back to normal, but don't tell Frank that.  He vacuumed and did the dishes yesterday.  And fed the dogs.  Now I need to find some symptom that gets him to clean the toilets........
I rewarded myself for finding the perfect fabric for my next quilt by going to Forest Park and walking a mile averaging 3.3 mph.  Heart rate was in the fat burning zone!

Fact:  It is difficult to find light batiks.

I got the main portion of the fabric from on sale at about 1/2 price.  And I did find the perfect companion to the light batik from Red Stick.  NOT on sale of course.

I went to Red Stick Quilts this morning with the idea that I could always go to the other shop if I came up empty.  But I made the perfect match.

8 yards plus 3 yards.  It will be a big quilt.  Maybe. One never knows with me.

I guess I can show them to you............

All three are the same fabric in the same light in the same position on my table.  None are really a great representation of the colors, but the last two are closer.  It was difficult to find a good light batik; and when I got it in the mail, I was quite shocked by the color.  I had thought it would be a bit warmer.  And that caused the piece I wanted to pair it with to no longer be a viable choice.

But now it is perfect.

Yes.  Perfect.

A winner.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

LSU Visiting Professor

I woke up with just a mild pain in my jaw.  More of a bruising than hurt pain.  Still taking the penicillin or whatever derivative I have.  My experience with the last one is that it will hurt like this for a week, but then I will no longer notice it.

Waiting for that to happen.

I am playing visiting professor in a segment of HR at LSU for the next few days.  Of course it is the day that predicts severe thunder storms and possibly hail as I walk across campus. How perfectly wonderful is that? 

Maybe 5 or 8 years ago now, LSU decided that there was to be no cars in the middle of campus.  It didn't affect me when I was training at the Vet School, so I didn't pay much attention.  My view of the internal campus comes from when I was taking Law courses and the Law School is pretty close to the edge of campus and not blocked off at the time.

So now I have to walk about 3/4 mile from parking to building. 

I am putting everything into a back pack and putting on my tennies and raincoat and heading out.

I hope it stays north of us like some forecasters seem to think.